What is the Difference Between Employees and Independent Contractors?

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Why being an incorporator on Sunbiz doesn’t give you ownership rights

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Why you can’t rely on Sunbiz

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How to get screwed with licensing language

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How to use an ownership vesting schedule to align interests

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My partner never works, so I want his part of the business!

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Can I represent myself in a lawsuit?

If you're sued individually such as I got served against Brett Trembly then, yes, I could represent myself, you can represent yourself. I don’t recommend it, but it's possible. But what isn't possible is when you own a corporation or an LLC and that business entity is sued. So, if it's Brett Trembly Inc., then individually I could not represent myself I would have to hire an attorney to represent my business. So, Read More

What are some of the most common legal mistakes that small business owners make?

I love this question because all of us when we start a business we all make mistakes; some bigger than others but it's part of the learning process of being an entrepreneur. I really enjoy working with entrepreneurs helping the people like me that really wanted to start their own business to figure out what mistakes they've made and correct them or avoid mistakes in the future. The main one is putting an operating Read More

I am planning to sell my business. What legal issues should I consider?

There are a lot of issues to consider when you want to look into selling your business. A lot of them will have to do with what the market is sort of bearing for comparable businesses like yours that have sold recently. You can do some of that research online. There are other experts that can help do evaluation on your business depending on a lot of different factors in the industry that you're in and, of course, Read More

I’m suing a competitor and he has offered a settlement. What factors should I consider in accepting?

At this point if you've already sued someone and have received a settlement offer then clearly you're represented by legal counsel so I would say talk to your attorney. But, what you want to consider at this point is how much it's going to cost you to keep moving forward, how much the offer is and what is owed. If you're owed $50,000 and you're suing for $70,000 you're probably going to want to take that. If the Read More

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