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Document Everything! 5 Sections You MUST HAVE in Your Employee Handbooks

Your business has an employee handbook, right? Even if you’re a sole proprietor, documenting all of your processes and procedures is extremely important for a variety of reasons, such as when it comes time to sell, when you finally make your first hire, and more.

However, if you’re reading this right now and you have employees but no handbook, finish reading this blog and go draft one immediately! This handbook will become one of your business’s most important documents that gives vital information to your employees (and makes your onboarding process more efficient for new hires).

If you already have a handbook, check out the list below to make sure your handbook contains all of these elements. If you’re missing any of these items, make sure to write them up ASAP!

  • Company history and philosophy – What’s your “Why?” Why did you start this business and what greater purpose does your business serve? This gives employees and new hires great context into your company’s culture and helps them get bought in to your mission.
  • Benefits and perks – Free coffee in the breakroom? 50% match on 401(k)s? How many vacation/sick days do your employees receive? Make sure your employees know all about the benefits they receive by working for you.
  • Communication and personal management guidelines – How do you expect your employees to conduct themselves while they’re on the clock? This gives you a great place to point to in order to hold your team accountable for their actions and performance.
  • Codes of conduct – What’s your dress code? This is also where you outline any anti-discimination, anti-harassment, or disciplinary procedures you have.

In addition to the items above, you also want to make sure you outline pay structures, the process for performance reviews, and lunch breaks/break periods during the workday. In other words, you want to include every last detail about what it means to work at your company, how you expect others to conduct themselves, and everything that comes with being employed at your business.

Lastly, you want to make sure you have your handbook reviewed by a lawyer to make sure the statements that you make in your handbook aren’t problematic from a legal perspective. For example, having a statement in your handbook about discussing company information with anyone outside of the business could backfire because of how broad that statement is. You would need to specify that employees could not share confidential information.

Trembly Law Firm can not only help clarify these statements, but we can help you prepare your employee handbook from scratch. Call (305) 985-4571 and take advantage of our expertise.

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