Alicia Santa Maria
Legal Secretary, Litigation Division
(305) 431-5678
9700 South Dixie Hwy, Penthouse 1100, Miami, Florida 33156

Alicia is the Litigation division legal secretary, and her journey into the legal field began at the age of 17.  During her senior year of high school, Alicia began to volunteer after school at a local general practice law firm and would assist the firm with the handling of clerical duties.  During Alicia’s first year of college, she accepted a position within the same firm where she was able to apply what she had learned during her volunteer time during that summer. 

Alicia was able to establish a more permanent role within the company by being given more responsibilities and the opportunity to review cases in a more hands-on approach.  Alicia was tasked with opening new case files, and this experience allowed her to grow as a legal professional. Alicia attributes this type of work to her ability to perform her duties at the Trembly Law Firm. The skills she obtained from her previous position led Alicia to continue pursuit of her legal career. 

Alicia believes that the most motivating part about her role as a legal secretary is having the ability to interact and assist with clients by providing them with feedback, advice, and exceptional legal services in order to obtain a successful resolution of their matter. Alicia also enjoys and takes great pride in working together with her colleagues to maximize the firm’s ability to deliver the quickest and most professional work product. 

During her downtime, Alicia enjoys being involved in charity races with her son and daughter who are avid runners. Together, they take part in events such as “Sofia’s Hope” and “Live Like Bella” in an effort to raise money to help fight childhood cancer. Alicia feels humbled to witness so many people come together for a common and to be able to assist with volunteer efforts during these events.  Alicia can be reached at

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