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Here is what we offer our Miami business clients:

1.Versatility.We work with both domestic and international companies.
2.Boutique service. Unlike other law firms, we provide the same level of service to large companies and small business owners alike.
3.LocalOur legal team is well-versed in Florida law.

Miami Business Lawyer

Many people dream of the freedom and success owning a business can offer. However, the legal side of business management can be overwhelming.

For your peace of mind, you need a business law attorney with comprehensive experience in commercial litigation and related practice areas—and that is what you get when you hire a contract attorney from Trembly Law. Our team can handle all the legal aspects of starting and running a business, including business formation and purchases, contract formation, incorporation, LLC, business transactions, and more.

Business Law Services

Business Formation

With our law firm at your side, business formation can be a smooth process. A Trembly Law corporate attorney will provide relevant counseling for both short-term and long-term needs

When a business owner engages our services, we:

  • Make sure to draft the contract properly to protect the company against any future disputes
  • Negotiate any doubtful terms for your benefit
  • Analyze legal ramifications of existing contracts such as shareholder agreements
  • Ensure the company benefits from the legal protection reserved for registered businesses in Florida

Transactional Work

Business transactions and contracts can be complex. An experienced business attorney can help you optimize these processes, draft and review documentation, and identify potential problems. This is especially important in contract formation, shareholder and operating agreements, business purchases and sales, formation articles, and other legal infrastructure.

Our attorneys will help ensure that:

  • Your business meets all contractual obligations
  • You have relevant legal guidance for vital business decisions
  • You minimize the risk of any future legal challenges

Business Purchases

When acquiring an existing business, it is imperative to review certified financial records, employee files and benefits, existing contracts, past lawsuits, and running leases.

Our attorneys know how to read the fine print of any business deal. We make sure our clients are never caught by surprise. A contract lawyer can help you close your business acquisition and take care of:

  • Preparing any necessary legal documentation
  • Negotiating the purchase terms and conditions
  • Mediating deals and contracts
  • Organizing the incorporation process
  • Setting up necessary entities

Trembly Law: Legal Representation for Businesses in Miami Dade County, Florida

Your business is a valuable investment that you should protect. At Trembly Law, the success of our clients is our priority. Our corporate lawyers will anticipate your needs, secure your interests, protect you during disputes, and provide trusted legal consultation. As our many enthusiastic reviews testify, our business and trial lawyers will leverage their experience in business law and to represent your Miami business.

Join over 250 business owners that have chosen Trembly Law. Call us today at (305) 985-4579, visit one of our South Florida offices, or fill out our contact form for a free initial consultation.

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