Esther Troche

Senior Litigation Paralegal

Esther is a Senior Litigation Paralegal at Trembly Law Firm. Born and raised in Miami, Esther adores her hometown and would not alter a thing. Esther has always had a desire to help others and can’t seem to get enough of seeing people happy. She began her legal career as an errand-running assistant and now has over nine years of paralegal experience to offer her attorneys and firm’s clients. Esther works hard at helping business owners facing litigation, through what can be a difficult time. She is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Miami-Dade College.

Esther Troche

Esther enjoys sketching on paper and creating digital art in her spare time. Her creativity evolved into crafting costumes and even attending conventions dressed as her favorite fictional characters. Esther is passionate about the ocean, animals, and her fiancé Giovanni. One day they will have their fairytale wedding.

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