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Expressing Thanks to Employees with a Sound Workplace Behavior Policy

When you think about the many things to be thankful for during Thanksgiving, be sure not to neglect your employees. In the rush to maximize profits and increase competitiveness, managers and owners sometimes forget about the importance of expressing gratitude to employees. In some ways, employees can be similar to the rowers on a Viking ship: they often get overlooked, and yet without them the ship doesn’t go anywhere. This year, take the time to break this trend and give the kind of appreciation your employees deserve.

One way you can show gratitude to your employees is with a workplace behavior policy (also called a company code of conduct, etc.). Although some of these things may seem very intuitive, the fact is that you should still identify these things directly in a workplace policy.

No Harassment of Other Employees, Managers or Clients

Your policy should indicate in straightforward terms that harassment won’t be tolerated. Harassment occurs when there are unwanted advances toward another employee, manager or client; or, when there is unwanted verbal communication or verbal assault. You want to make sure that your managers abide this rule very strictly, because otherwise you could face litigation under a federal anti-discrimination provision.

No Destruction or Theft of Company Property or Employee Property

Your policy should state that your company will not tolerate any destruction or theft of company or employee property. This applies in all contexts, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant the item may be.

No Verbal Threats or Physical Intimidation

This is a no-brainer. You need to ensure that your workplace is safe and comfortable for all employees. This means that you need to prevent any kind of threats or physical intimidation. If this type of behavior goes unchecked, then the possibility of violence increases.

No Unauthorized Dissemination of Company Secrets or Confidential Information

This should also be stated clearly in your employment contract. Your proprietary information belongs to you and your company, it isn’t something which should be poached or traded. Be sure to stress the importance of this matter in a workplace behavior policy.

No Consumption of Alcohol during Work Hours

After hours office gatherings which involve alcohol can be a good way to build camaraderie and team cohesion. But your workplace policy should make it clear that alcohol consumption is not allowed during office hours.

No Possession, Use or Distribution of Illegal Drugs

This is another no-brainer, and yet your policy should still identify it specifically. You need to make it clear that your company won’t tolerate the possession, use or distribution of any illegal drugs. This is true regardless of how common those drugs may be. Your office needs to be a bastion of professionalism, and illegal drugs interfere with this goal.

No Sabotaging of another Employee’s Work or Performance

Competition among staff is a very common phenomenon. Sometimes, this competition spurs employees to go so far as to sabotage another person’s work or performance in order to achieve an upper hand. You need to make it clear that this type of behavior won’t be permitted. While you want to reward ambition, you need to punish this kind of deceit just as swiftly. If someone is caught violating this prohibition, the penalty should be either a serious demotion or termination.

Contact the Trembly Law Firm for More Information

There are other things which can be added to your policy, but these are a few of the more essential provisions of your workplace policy. These will ensure that your workplace remains healthy and that costly litigation is prevented. To learn more, reach out to the Trembly Law Firm today by calling (305) 431-5678.

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