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Help Eliminate Risk Before It Becomes a Problem With the Help of General Counsel

Any business holds some level of risk throughout its lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely eliminate all risks to your business – but, you can work proactively to help reduce the amount of risk you’ll face in the future. With the help of general counsel, you can eliminate these common pitfalls that many businesses face.


Compliance is one of the most significant areas of risk for any business. As such, working closely with general counsel to ensure that your business is in compliance with all of Florida’s laws isn’t just essential to keeping your business running, but can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Quality general counsel should identify all of the applicable laws and regulations that your business needs to keep in mind and suggest plans of action to ensure you’re compliant.

Employment Law

Every business has employees, and as such, your company is subject to a wide range of employment laws. General counsel can help you identify any potential issues with your company’s employment practices and suggest solutions. Often, legal counsel will identify certain red flags in employee evaluations or interviews, and help you address them immediately to avoid future litigation.


No business owner wants to deal with complicated business disputes, but they often stem from a lack of proactive measures. Whether the dispute stems from a business agreement, employee misconduct, or general liability, most disputes can be avoided or resolved with the help of a well-defined business plan that accounts for these contingencies. General counsel can work proactively to determine how much risk your business faces in potential disputes, and implement risk-mitigating measures such as a risk transfer agreement.


Unfortunately, many businesses have adopted bad practices in their contracts, which create unnecessary risk. Re-using existing contracts, creating poorly negotiated terms, and the failure to address important issues like conflict resolution can quickly make a business dispute even more complicated. General counsel should be consulted to ensure that your contracts are up to date, and include all of the necessary protections to protect your business from any further risk.

Don’t leave the future of your business up to chance. When it comes to protecting from risk, you’ll need experienced and qualified general counsel to help make certain that your business is in the clear. Contact Trembly Law Firm today at (305) 985-4571 for high-quality general counsel services with experience in protecting Florida businesses.

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