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Do you have a commercial law dispute or find yourself facing or considering a commercial lawsuit? Is there a possibility of litigation in your future and you’re looking for the right Miami attorney to assist you with the process? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to consider a consultation with the Trembly Law Firm. Since we operate locally in Southern Florida, we’re able to offer poignant advice and assistance that can help you in your time of need. Consider the following, for example, if you’ve thought about whether or not a commercial litigation lawyer can tackle your actual case.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Handling:

• Breach of Contract

• Landlord / Tenant Disputes

• Tort Claims (a wrongful act that results in injury to a person, their property, reputation, etc.)

• Equitable Claims (get an injunction / lift an injunction)

• In addition to commercial law, we handle all aspects of business law such as agreements, commercial litigation, general corporate counsel, incorporation and more.

Best of all, if any of these things sound familiar to you then you can speak to someone today and get all of your questions answered right away.

Get Your Questions Answered Quickly:

• Talk directly to a South Florida attorney about your situation

• Simply fill out our online contact form and we’ll connect you with a knowledgeable representative as soon as possible.

• Your form will be directly emailed to us for a reply within 24 hours and often within hours the same day.

That being said, picking which attorney you will be working with is never an easy decision and you’re likely still debating back and forth about what civil law firm you’ll be going with. If that sounds familiar to you, then you’ll want to think about these reasons to go with Trembly in Miami.

Why Choose Trembly Law:

• We align our interests with you, the client’s interests. Legal issues are our expertise and priority. We do this by offering comprehensive reporting, whereas other firms simply bill as much time as they can.

• Our firm is way ahead of the technology curve compared to other firms. This makes us not only more efficient (saving time and money on client cases) but we also work with many technology firms on their cases so we better understand their unique situation.

• We encourage pre-suit mediation when most other firms don’t (if any). Many lawsuits can be resolved when 3rd parties get involved to hash out the differences and what each wants. It’s usually best for both parties if things can be worked out without a trial.

• Trembly Law is highly experienced, we’ve handled all types of business agreements and situations, including ones probably just like yours. In addition to our experience, we’ve drafted many agreements for buying/acquisition of a business, selling a business, merging with another company, license agreements, asset purchases, litigation issues, incorporation and more. Keep in mind that law firms don’t always merely deal with lawsuits and the like, but they also provide assistance for many more pleasant situations that you might not always associate with the legal profession.

Ask yourself whether you’d ever be comfortable with a lawsuit attorney that didn’t embody each of these things. More than likely, you never would so that’s yet another reason to elect to work with Trembly Law. At the same time, we can help you handle a number of other issues that you might run into, such as those involving general business situations and countless other problems that you might run into at one point or another when dealing with the conditions that the average individual goes through.

About Commercial Cases In Florida

Commercial cases involve conflicts between people or institutions such as businesses, typically over money. When a person or business believes they have been harmed by the actions of another person or company, they file a complaint with the court. The commercial law systems then review the case.

When you are the one filing, you are the plaintiff, when you are the one who someone has filed against, you are the defendant. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial cases. In some situations, an injunction is needed to stop the offending action from continuing.

Move Forward And Get Peace Of Mind With Trembly Law

Each moment that ticks away not only hurts your chances of winning your case; it also makes it harder to move on since you’ll still be dealing with the emotions that come from having to be involved with litigation longer. As a result, you’ll want to do what you can to move forward and get peace of mind right now as opposed to continuing to wait.

Instead of holding back any further, contact Trembly Law Firm today. Our representatives will connect you with seasoned legal experts who know both local and state laws inside and out so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re working with knowledgeable individuals. We’ll help to remove all of the guesswork out of what you’re doing so you can get back to what really matters in life.

Client Reviews

Soy parte de una pequeña empresa y he estado usando Trembly Law Firm desde que empecé. Han manejado todos los aspectos de la puesta en marcha, incluida la incorporación, los acuerdos de empleo y las revisiones del contrato de arrendamiento. Todos en la empresa están atentos y receptivos. Continuaré usándolos en el futuro para todas las necesidades legales de mi negocio.

Justin W., Miami, FL

Actualmente estoy recibiendo asesoramiento del equipo de Trembly. Han estado muy comprometidos a asegurarse de que tome los pasos correctos en mi negocio y con mis socios comerciales. Recomiendo a cualquiera que enfrente decisiones comerciales importantes, asociarse con un bufete de abogados de negocios y Trembly es un grupo extremadamente capaz y honesto a considerar.

Tom G., Miami, Florida

Excelente soporte y asesoramiento.

Greg H., Miami, FL

Contraté a la firma de abogados Trembly cuando tuve un problema con un empleado. Me han ayudado en cada paso del proceso, son muy minuciosos, ofrecen consejos prácticos y buscan mi interés. Todavía son mis abogados y se los recomiendo a cualquiera que busque ayuda legal para sus negocios.

Andrés M., Miami, FL

Trembly Law Firm contrata abogados de excelente calidad y sus resultados son la prueba. Cada caso y asunto del que se ocupan es tratado con especial cuidado y con la máxima importancia. Si está buscando un abogado que se tome su caso o asunto en serio, le recomiendo encarecidamente a Trembly Law Firm. Trabajé allí durante un tiempo ayudando a la firma con varios asuntos relacionados con contratos comerciales, y tuve la oportunidad de conocer a muchos clientes satisfechos. Su personal es muy profesional e informado.

Eric B., Miami, FL

Gracias a todos por ser el equipo legal más agradable (y competente).

Me quitaron las preocupaciones y encima recibí algo de dinero…. todo con la menor cantidad de estrés para mí.

A medida que avanzan, ¡espero que sepan que sus modales, paciencia y amabilidad son muy apreciados!


Quería expresar mi gratitud hacia todo el personal. Obviamente, he estado trabajando estrechamente con Kevin en nuestro caso actual (Christian también), y ha sido un placer trabajar con él. Quiero asegurarme de que todas las personas con las que he interactuado de su equipo (Alicia, Ryan, Daniela, Mayra, José, Rachel, Sarah…espero no olvidar a nadie, disculpas a las personas que no he mencionado) también reciban los debidos elogios por tratarme siempre profesionalmente y hacerme sentir cómoda durante un momento extremadamente frustrante, tanto para mi familia como para mí.

Paul M., Miami, Florida

Muchas gracias! … Has sido el mejor y seguiremos utilizándote para nuestros servicios comerciales.

Patricia, Miami, Florida

Thank you so much! … You’ve been the best and we will continue to use you for our business services.

Patricia, Miami, Florida

I wanted to express my gratitude towards the entire staff. I have obviously been working closely with Kevin on our current case (Christian as well in the background), and he has been a pleasure to work with. I want to make sure that everyone that I have interacted with from your team (Alicia, Ryan, Daniela, Mayra, Jose, Rachel, Sarah – hope I am not forgetting anyone, apologies to anyone I have left off) also are given the proper praise for always treating me professionally and making me feel comfortable during an extremely frustrating time for both my family and I.

Paul M., Miami, Florida

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