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Legal “Zoom”: Why You Need a Business Lawyer in Your Corner

An online revolution is occurring. It is enticing many people who have business legal needs. Whether it be Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, USLegal, or the like, many have decided to turn online for all of their business legal needs. These websites provide standardized forms that are intended to fit the needs of many customers. Anything from articles of incorporation for a new company to a will, these websites allegedly seek to fill the legal needs of customers. They do so at a cutthroat rate–customers are able to plow through form after form, filling in blanks at lightning speed. But what these websites may save their clients in time, they sacrifice in quality. If you are a business owner, you need an experienced lawyer in your corner to help fill all of your business needs.

Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, US Legal, and the like are standard websites. They provide the same forms to all clients, providing no personalization. In the real world, there is no “cookie cutter” technique of filling clients’ needs. As a business owner, your needs are unique. What you need to include in your articles of incorporation differs from those of other business owners–and not just basic information such as your address. For example, you may want to include a specific business purpose, while other businesses find it better to not include such a business. What each business owner wants to include in his documentation differs from case to case. With these websites, there is nobody to talk to and provide you advice to help you understand what is in your best interest. Having a business lawyer in your corner helps you customize your documents in a way that will ensure smooth sailing for your business from the get go.

Plain and simple, as a business owner, you have put an extraordinary amount of resources and effort into making your dream a reality. Using websites to fulfill your business ideas simply undercuts all of your efforts. You will not be able to get the help or advice you need. The only way to do so is to have the friendly voice of a business lawyer in your corner–one that will serve all of your needs and help you understand your legal obligations. The legal team at the Trembly Law Firm has provided years of experience and advice to business owners. Call us today at (305) 431-5678 to schedule your consultation.

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