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Life Insurance Disputes Attorney in North Miami

Looking for a Life Insurance Disputes Attorney in North Miami, Trembly Law Firm has provided legal representation for business in South Florida since 2011.

Why Choose Trembly Law Firm?

  • Consumer Ratings. We’re the most consistently rated franchise and business law firm in Miami on Google (real client feedback) for 5 years running.
  • Our “Life is Too Short Policy.” We only work with reasonable, positive clients, ensuring our team members are motivated and happy.
  • Profit First. We’re the only Profit First Certified Business Law Firm in Miami, and we pay that forward by offering the service to our clients. – Ever wonder why other law firms take so long to get work done? It’s poor management, financial and otherwise (they’re unfortunately busy robbing Peter to pay Paul).
  • Experts. We retain expert consultants to help us run proprietary business management systems, and we have a leadership team that conducts annual retreats, quarterly planning sessions, and weekly deep-dives. This intense structure helps us stay on the cutting edge and out-perform other firms.
  • Inc. 5000 a/k/a the Proof is in the Pudding. We’ve been recognized as one of the fastest-growing small law firms in the country for four years in a row by the Law Firm 500, and as a result, received the prestigious Inc. 5000 award in 2020.
  • Numbers and Tracking. Most firms are too busy putting our fires and reacting to their day to even answer the phones, let alone consistently meet deadlines and lead their clients to better outcomes. On the other hand, we have an in-house controller and a financial tracking system far more robust than any firm our size, which allows us to maintain sensible staff-to-client ratios, make informed and strategic hiring decisions, and charge reasonable rates to our clients proportionate to their desired outcomes.
  • Training. We invest thousands of dollars on monthly training for our team to deliver better service and results to our clients.

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Life Insurance Disputes Attorney Mission Statement

We exist to fight for innovators and job creators. Why? Because we believe in the business community. And that when business thrives, our economy thrives.

If you own a business, you need an experienced business law firm on your team. And the time to call a law firm is not when you’re facing a lawsuit or legal dispute.

Who Are We

We are an award-winning and industry-recognized law firm leading South Florida in business law, franchise law, employment law, trademark law, litigation, and general counsel. You can conveniently meet with us via Zoom, or at any of our locations in South Florida: our Main Miami Office, our Miami Design District/Downtown Office, or our Fort Lauderdale Office.

Real Clients & Real Reviews Trembly Law Firm North Miami

Based on 170 reviews
dayron Vidal
dayron Vidal
Very professional and hardworking team. They made sure our case was a success, reviewed every angle of the situation to find the best solution for us. Highly recommend
zoe espitia
zoe espitia
Best Lawyers for Best Business Practices! They helped our company write and operating agreement in a fair manner. You won’t go wrong with Trembly they actually do what they say they are going to do unlike the majority of the lawyers we have asked to write contracts in the past!
Shaun Hasan Ajani
Shaun Hasan Ajani
Anytime one retains a law firm, it is of the greatest importance that everything goes perfectly. For this, one must ensure that the firm not only has the greatest of reputations, but also performs to its best of abilities. Trembly Law Firm is just that. From the beginning, when onboarding was initiated by Trembly (a nice touch in a law firm), to the ongoing execution of our legal matter, we felt comfortable and confident. We highly recommend Trembly Law Firm.
John Ray
John Ray
I was impressed with how quickly the attorneys at Trembly grasp the facts of my highly complex legal case involving a business dispute. Their attention to detail and drive to achieve an optimal outcome on my behalf has been a credit to the legal profession.
Austin Jones
Austin Jones
Trembly Law Firm was a HUGE help for me and my company. I needed urgent help and legal guidance for a horrible situation I was in and Tremply Law Firm was able to hop right on top of it and worked their magic and got the case dismissed and saved my company THOUSANDS of dollars. Great team – they were very helpful and had plenty of hands on deck to give me and my company the time and attention that we needed. Very reasonable rates as well. Highly recommend! I currently have Trembly Law Firm on retainer so the next time I am faced with a difficult situation and need legal guidance Trembly Law Firm is on standby for me and I can count on them to help me! Thanks again, Team!
laura B Daveloze
laura B Daveloze
Muy profesionales desde la recepcionistas hasta los abogados, respondiendo rápidamente a nuestros requerimientos y dándonos un asesoramiento confiable. Muchas gracias a todo el team.
Oleg Belousov
Oleg Belousov
The firm’s handling of our legal issue was very professional. the firm provided a reasonable quote and was the only law office out of 3 that actually studied the case profoundly before the consultation, which was also very reasonably priced. If any any other legal matters arise for our firm in the District of Florida or the US in General – we will know exactly where to go.
Robert Kotelsky
Robert Kotelsky
I want to begin with saying working with Trembly Law from the start has been nothing but a pleasure. I first began with speaking to Mr. Rodriguez who took his time to explain the process and step by step actions required to get my business protected. They made me feel extremely safe and I knew from the start I was in good hands. They connect you with an entire team and each team member has a role. Communication with them is extremely easy and everyone know communication is key, with Trembly Law communication is something you’ll never have to worry about. They are very welcoming and answer any question you throw there way. I big plus for me was when I had a question or was lost with something I had to do, they offered to give me a hand to make sure everything is done correctly and smooth, now that’s amazing customer service! They are really all about projecting one business at a time and for that I’m am extremely grateful for them and thankful I get to work with them. Thank you Trembly Law for all the help and every minute you take to not only help me but all your clients ! Highly recommend this firm to anyone and everyone !!!

Actual Words Clients Have Used To Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Team is helpful and professional, always making sure I’m aware and understand every step being taken.” “Even attorneys need good attorneys for representation. Knowing Attorney Trembly on both a personal and professional basis, I can attest that he is a skilled litigator and negotiator.” “Best law firm I ever been to, great attention from their staff, very professional!” “Trembly Law Firm was the right choice for me. The communication with the team was swift and professional.”

If this is what you are looking for in a Life Insurance Disputes Attorney, contact us to see if we are right for you. We look forward to a long and profitable future together.


The Trembly Law Firm provides businesses with the ability to have experienced legal counsel at their disposal on an “as-needed” basis. Our clients know they can trust Trembly Law Firm to be available for all of their business needs whenever they may emerge. If you’re looking for a Life Insurance Disputes Attorney in North Miami contact us today.

How To Get Started

We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having everything done properly and efficiently. Call our office at +13054315678 or fill out the form above on this page to schedule a meeting if you are ready to explore what we can do for you.