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Miami Business and Litigation attorney Brett Trembly, Esq., of the Trembly Law Firm, wins appeal.

Appellate tribunal affirmed, per curiam, lower-court’s finding in favor of Trembly’s client at trial. Firm also awarded fees and costs.

The Appellate Court’s decision upheld the validity of non-refundable deposits contained in written contracts. Trembly’s client retained a clearly defined, clearly enumerated (important contractual elements) non-refundable deposit given by a repeat customer. The court held that the deposit was an appropriate amount in relation to the entire amount of services under the contract, the customer had the opportunity to read the contract, and the words “non-refundable” were unambiguous. To learn more about what contractual language must be necessary in order to protect your business and retain a non-refundable deposit, please contact the Trembly Law Firm today.

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