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In addition to our “every client matters” philosophy, one of the strengths of the Trembly Law Firm is our proven track record working with franchises and businesses from all over Miami, as Franchise Litigation Attorneys. Our firm proprietor, Brett Trembly, has built an impressive litigation portfolio, including conducting trials in both Florida State Courts and the U.S. Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida, where he successfully litigated as lead counsel against a Fortune 100 company.
Honesty and integrity are central to everything we do. We work tirelessly to provide every single client with the highest level of service, dedication, and expertise – and it shows. Click here to see what our clients have to say about us.

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Business Agreement Attorney in Miami

Miami Franchise Lawyer:

Starting a business is a dream for many, but getting started can be overwhelming. Do you want the freedom and control of owning your own business, but not the complexity of starting from scratch? Buying into a franchise might be the perfect option.

At Trembly Law, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of starting your own franchised business. Considering the grand complexity of the world of business, however, it can be very difficult to get everything going because of how difficult sorting out each and every individual detail can be. Instead of doing it alone, feel free to take advantage of everything that our organization has to offer.

Franchisees, Multi-Unit Franchisees, And Area Developers:

Consider the following. Our services include:
  • Draft, review, and negotiate letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, and brand reservation agreements for the purchase of franchise systems.
  • Draft, review, and update Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).
  • File Franchise Disclosure Documents and work with state regulators to facilitate the registration in registration States.
  • Ensure compliance with all federal and state-specific disclosure requirements and registration laws throughout the United States.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate Franchise Agreements, Multi-unit Franchise Agreements, Area Development Agreements, and Master Franchise Agreements.
  • Review and provide advice to prospective franchisees regarding Franchise Disclosure Documents.
  • Review and draft License Agreements, Distribution Agreements, and Area Sales Representative Agreements.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate Asset Purchase Agreements.
Keep in mind that even all of these documents won’t satisfy each and every possible situation that you might come across. Our organization has worked to put together specialized services. They can serve a wide variety of clients who are working to establish an equally diverse collection of business models. In turn, these are capable of serving a wide array of customers who might become involved with these firms in countless ways.
Think about all of the above services that can help those who are establishing a franchise, and consider the possibility that you’ll be working with many other people in the near future if you continue to grow your business. With success comes the possibility of additional legal complications, thus you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with an experienced legal team that can handle these issues.
Fortunately, Trembly Law has what it takes to get ahead in the industry. First off, you’ll want to consider those services that are most basic for those attempting to start a franchise or other similar operation.

Miami Franchise Attorney:

Each of these steps is an excellent way to ensure that you’re on the path to success. It especially matters if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to actually get into the business. When you are still currently looking for a path to make it in the world of commerce, then consider franchising.
Regardless of your specific situation, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with local attorneys who know exactly what they’re doing. Different local, county, and state laws can further complicate the process of starting a business. That’s caused more than one person to become discouraged and give up their dreams without ever really giving them an opportunity to flourish.

Franchise Law Work We Can Provide:

Improve Your Business Opportunities With Trembly Law:

As a result, it’s imperative that you work with a legal team that shares the level of passion that you do. At Trembly Law, our representatives will work hard to ensure that you get the kind of business configuration you need to succeed and grow exactly the type of firm that you’ve so long dreamed about.
Make sure to contact us online today. Get in touch with a South Florida attorney team that truly understands the ins and outs of the particular business environment in this part of the country. Depending on your organization’s situation and how far along you are in the planning process, that can be a big step in the right direction when it comes to achieving success.

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Call (305) 431-5678 or fill out the short form below. We will usually respond within 1 business day but often do so the same day. Don’t hesitate, your questions are welcome.