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Ryan grew up in Madison, capital of the great state of Wisconsin. As a youth, he was a regionally ranked junior golfer. During one breakout summer, Ryan qualified for the U.S. Junior Amateur at the fabled Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The following year, Ryan accepted an offer to play golf at George Mason University in nearby Fairfax, Virginia. In college Ryan studied economics and found the subject fascinating, both capable of promoting a disciplined understanding of micro- and macro-level market, political, and social phenomena, as well as of delivering profound personal and practical insights. While in school, Ryan met his now wife, who is from Ecuador. A couple years after his college graduation, Ryan moved with his wife to Ecuador where they lived for several years and ended up purchasing a small bazaar, and set about converting it into a full-service fabric and handicraft store.

Ryan’s life in provincial Ecuador was an active one. He helped organize and participated in countless mountain bike excursions through the tropical-dry-forest countryside. These were complete with visits to waterfalls, sulphuric baths, beaches, private residences contracted to provide traditional home-cooked meals, and the occasional aguardiente distillery. Ryan sang in a rock-and-roll band and was a trainer at a rustic outdoor gym. He accompanied a dear friend, as a translator and business partner, to fairs and expos where he would sell exquisitely designed artisanal jewelry. Ryan successfully advocated for increased funding to youth taekwondo and, as his daughter became serious about the sport, inline speed skating. Ryan volunteered as an English teacher and was the designated pronouncer of English words at school spelling bees. Throughout seven years, he also continued to work remotely, full-time, as the Director of Finance at a company in Washington, DC.

A constant motivation throughout Ryan’s life and career has been the pursuit of adventure. He has always sought out new challenges, tackled them head on. Today, his store in Ecuador continues to perform steadily, which he and his wife manage remotely. At the Trembly Law Firm, Ryan has assumed a role that abounds with many of the same, and several new, puzzles and challenges that he has in the past found so intriguing and fulfilling to solve and overcome: that of Financial Controller at a gifted, growing law firm. Ryan can be reached by email at Ryan@tremblylaw.com.

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