Business Resiliency through COVID-19 seminar: Legal Aspects

What is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and what private companies are covered? Which employees are entitled to emergency FMLA, and what must employers provide? Can employees of non-essential businesses refuse to go to work? While EVERYONE else has been discussing PPP loans, we've been focusing on what's to come for businesses. There are so many issues for employers it is daunting. Christian Read More

Contractual Obligation Webinar

Trembly Law Firm and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce hosted a webinar on understanding contractual obligations during the Coronavirus Pandemic (enforcing contracts, defending against enforcement actions, or negotiating deals to avoid enforcement actions). Firm Partner, Arturo Arca, provides crucial information business owners and landlords should know during the coronavirus Pandemic. Read More

What options do business owners have due to Coronavirus? Trembly Law on CBS4 Miami

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What is the Difference Between Employees and Independent Contractors?

Knowing the difference when it comes to employees vs. independent contractors can affect finances for your business, and Human Resource policies. The main benefit of using a contractor is that the business can avoid paying employment tax. We have seen, however, that this condition does not apply to all circumstances. The IRS and employees can file suit on the grounds of discrimination.  As a business owner, there Read More

Is A Verbal Agreement Legally Binding?

Miami business lawyer Brett Trembly explains that, in certain circumstances, verbal agreements can be legally binding. Many of our clients have heard the term “read the fine print”. It refers to understanding all the terms of a written contract and having the means to negotiate on any clause. The business may ask if a verbal agreement is legally binding, however, compared to written agreements.  What Is A Verbal Read More

Why being an incorporator on Sunbiz doesn’t give you ownership rights

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Why you can’t rely on Sunbiz

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How to get screwed with licensing language

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How to use an ownership vesting schedule to align interests

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My partner never works, so I want his part of the business!

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