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What Makes Us Different?

At Trembly Law, we start with why.  It isn’t about us, it’s about our bigger mission – why do we get up every day and bust our tails for our clients.  It’s because we believe that with a thriving small business economy, everyone is better off.  That’s why our mission is to protect the economy, one business at a time.  

There are times, however, when you must toot your own horn and separate yourself as a business.  After all, aside from competence, why choose one law firm to work with over another?  Most law firms can’t explain what makes them different (a real competitive advantage is a quantifiable, supportable claim that no one else or very few others can also legitimately claim).  Most law firms claim they’re different by saying, “we really care about our clients” (we should all hope so, right?).  At Trembly Law, on the other hand, we can tell you exactly what makes us unique, thereby creating a better experience and better results than clients of other firms.  

After all, why be in business just to be another firm?  If you’re not in business to deliver a better service than someone else, then you’re in business for yourself, not for your clients.  What about the clients that are looking for something unique, something different, something better?  How do we meet deadlines better, develop better strategy, and cultivate the best outcomes?  It’s because we’re thought-driven in everything we do, including this page, it’s unapologetic tone, our core value of Kick Ass, and ultimately creating the type of firm that our type of clients want to work with.  

Alas, we want you to know the facts – the unique advantages you can enjoy working with our firm. Advantages that no other firm can honestly claim.

Our Unique Firm-Wide Advantages

  1. Consumer Ratings.  We’re the most consistently rated franchise and business law firm in Miami on Google (real client feedback) for 5 years running. 
  2. Our “Life is Too Short Policy.” We only work with reasonable, positive clients, ensuring our team members are motivated and happy.
  3. Profit First.  We’re the only Profit First Certified Business Law Firm in Miami, and we pay that forward by offering the service to our clients.  – ever wonder why other law firms take so long to get work done?  It’s poor management, financial and otherwise (they’re unfortunately buys robbing Peter to pay Paul). 
  4. Experts.  We retain expert consultants to help us run proprietary business management systems, and we have a leadership team that conducts annual retreats, quarterly planning sessions, and weekly deep-dives.  This intense structure helps us stay on the cutting edge and out-perform other firms.
  5. Inc. 5000 a/k/a the Proof is in the Pudding.  We’ve been recognized as one of the fastest growing small law firms in the country for four years in a row by the Law Firm 500, and as a result, we now qualify for – and expect to receive – the prestigious Inc. 5000 award in 2020.  
  6. Numbers and Tracking.  Most firms are too busy putting our fires and reacting to their day to even answer the phones, let along consistently meet deadlines and lead their clients to better outcomes.  On the other hand, we have an in-house controller and a financial tracking system far more robust than any firm our size, which allows us to maintain sensible staff-to-client ratios, to make informed and strategic hiring decisions, and to charge reasonable rates to our clients proportionate to their desired outcomes.   
  7. Training.  We invest thousands of dollars on monthly training for our team to deliver better service and results to our clients.

Our Unique Team Member Advantages

  1. Strict Core Values.  All employees must meet and maintain our Core Values and are reviewed on these Core Values quarterly.  No other firm can make this claim. 
  2. Daily Standups (“Huddles”).  To reinforce our Core Values, we discuss them every morning of the week during our morning huddles.  These huddles also create alignment and set the tone to meet our Core Values every day. 
  3. Workshops.  We conduct weekly team meetings and monthly staff workshops to provide most up-to-date training on technology and developments for our workforce. 
  4. Team Building.  We take our entire firm on quarterly team-building exercises.  That’s why in addition to amazing results, you’ll find the most friendly and incredible staff at our firm. 

Our Unique General Counsel Program Advantages

  1. Number One. We have Miami’s first and fastest-growing small-business-dedicated General Counsel program where we focus on helping our clients avoid the Five Danger Zones to help keep them out of court.
  2. Certification. We’re seeking Trademark protection on our Danger Zone Certification System – Designed to protect employers, lower insurance rates and help keep our clients out of court.
  3. Insider. Our General Counsel clients have access to TLF Client Quarterly Insider, which provides updates on new developments in business, employment and franchise law. This new feature is being rolled out in 2020.
  4. Retention. We have over 95% retention rate of our General Counsel clients.
  5. Savings. Our clients are more protected yet still save legal fees over our competitors, large and small.
  6. Alignment. We require no long-term contract for our General Counsel Program, so we’re always fighting to outperform and keep great clients.\
  7. EPLI. Most firms hope you get sued so they can represent you? Us? We strongly advocate and help our clients obtain Employer’s Professional Liability Coverage (“EPLI”), even though this coverage provides insurance for legal fees, meaning we won’t get the litigation work if something does happen. That’s how much we care about our Why.

Our Unique Litigation Advantages

  1. Trial Record.  While we cannot guarantee results, our firm is undefeated at jury trial over the past few years.  Every team eventually loses a game, but our incredible record is a testament to the team we’ve assembled and the below strategies.  (You may read our press releases here and here). 
  2. Measures and Controls.  We strictly adhere to checklists, measures and controls to make sure cases are moved properly and no deadlines are missed or pushed – this gives us a huge time advantage over other firms.
  3. Strategy.  Our litigation team conducts weekly case meetings with the entire litigation team to cover every case and ensure no stone is left unturned.  We’re aware of no other serious litigation and business firm with this disciplined approach. 
  4. Communication.  Unless most firms, which wait until the end of the month to send you updates (we do those as well), we send you updates and documents after every hearing and filing.  
  5. Advocacy.  Our lawyers are required to read trial books and stay updated on rules of civil procedure. 

Our Unique Franchise Advantages

  1. Versatility. We have successfully helped not only domestic but international companies franchise their business in the United States.
  2. Boutique. No franchise client is too small or overlooked for us.
  3. Regional. Our team represents international and multi franchise-unit holders in several states.

Our Unique Employment Law Advantages

  1. Experience.  Our attorneys have served as in-house counsel for a company with over 45 employees and have been partners at some of Miami’s largest firms, dealing with a wide variety of employment law matters.  Outside of the hugely expensive monster employment firms, no firm our size bring that level of wisdom to the table for their clients.  
  2. Wide-Range.  We represent over 250 businesses as outsourced General Counsel in Miami, South Florida, and across the United States, handling their business and employment matters.
  3. Capacity.  Our firm represents clients with over $1B in revenue and thousands of employees, to businesses with a handful of employees and startups.  
  4. Crossover.  Because we litigate and defend employment claims against employers to a high degree of success, we understand how to help keep our clients out of trouble. 

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