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Referral VIP

Hi there! If you are reading this, you’ve contacted us for information about how our law firm may be able to help you, or you were referred to us from one of our great referral sources. We look forward to helping you! There are a few things we’d like to share with you.
Referral VIP

Scheduling a Consultation

Here’s what you can expect when scheduling a consultation with us:
  1. You will meet one-on-one with one of our attorneys. We will discuss your current situation, and where you would like to be in the future. This meeting can occur at our office, over the phone, or via a video call (through Zoom). We are here to make this as easy as possible for you
  2. We layout all of your options. Sometimes, you won’t need any additional services from us, and we can point you in the right direction. Often, you will decide you may need additional legal help, and we can discuss how our fees work.
  3. We block off an hour for your consultation. However, our fee for the consult is not based on the time we take, but rather the value that we can provide to you. Many times these calls may only take 30 minutes because we have experience with your practice area, and know the questions to ask.

If you are ready to get started, feel free to call our office at (305) 431-5678 or send us an email.

How does one hire a lawyer?

Well, in typical lawyer fashion, the answer is “it depends.”

There are some lawyers that will quote fees and try to get your money in their hands as soon as possible without actually listening to what your concerns are, helping you understand where you want to be in the future, and outlining the best path to do that. We aren’t those types of lawyers.

Instead, we like to walk you through a process to make sure:
  1. We can help you,
  2. You want us to help you, and
  3. we want to work with you.
Once we figure that out, we can up with the best solution to your problems and discuss the fees involved.
Here’s an example: tons of people reach out to us with a seemingly basic question “how much for an LLC.” Unfortunately, there are too many variables to give you a quick answer to that. The following are some of our questions that we need to answer. This is far from an exhaustive list.
  • Is an LLC going to give you the liability protection you want, or would a different entity work better?
  • Will you hire employees?
  • What activities will your business engage in?
  • Will you have any partners or investors?
  • Do you actually need an LLC?
  • What are the tax consequences?
  • Do you need anything else, such as contracts, terms & conditions, or a privacy policy?

Here’s how the process works.

We like to get some information from you upfront. We will ask for your basic contact information and a brief description of what you think you need. Our New Client Coordinator will have this discussion with you, usually over the phone. If you are reading this page, we should have your email and phone number, and he will follow up with you soon.
After he takes your information, he will let you know whether our law firm can help. If we are able to help, he will invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We do charge a fee for those consultations, but it’s at a discount from our standard hourly rates, and it helps to ensure that people will show up at the scheduled time.
If he is not sure if we can help, he’ll review your case with one of our attorneys, and she will follow up with you to schedule a consultation, or to try to find a referral for you.

Some important things you should know about our firm.

First, we don’t view our clients as “transactions.” By the nature of our practice, we want to have a relationship with you. We want you to come back to us for advice and input on your major decisions. Our goal is to become your trusted advisors for your life and your business. This is why the process above is important. You want to make sure you want to work with us, and we want to make sure we want to work with you.

Second, if you’re starting or growing a business, we get it. We help small businesses because we are a small business. Our founder makes sure this message echoes throughout our entire firm. We know what it’s like to hire and fire employees, to deal with the stress of paying rent and making payroll, and we really know how to grow a business. Founding Partner, Brett Trembly, really spells that out in this video:

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Frequently Asked Questions

South Florida Business Attorney Brett Trembly addresses commonly asked business law questions in his Video of the Month series.  If you have any questions for us, or if you need immediate legal assistance, please contact us today.

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