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Is Your Business at Risk of Getting Sued? Take Our Short Danger Zones Quiz to Find Out!

Sincerely, THANK YOU for starting the necessary investigation into how to protect your business (and yourself!) from lawsuits.  As a business owner, you NEED to continually and proactively monitor any and all threats, obvious and hidden.  One ill-advised lawsuit can put everything you’ve worked for at risk. This danger zones quiz will also help you identify exposure areas in the five Danger Zones: Corporate Infrastructure, Contracts and Leases, Employment Matters, Trademarks/Intellectual Property, and Corporate Compliance.  Quiz email results will be emailed to you within 24 hours!
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The First Danger Zone: Corporate Infrastructure

The Second Danger Zone: Contracts and Leases

The Third Danger Zone: Employment Matters

The Fourth Danger Zone: Trademarks / Intellectual Property

The Fifth Danger Zone: Compliance and Regulations

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