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4 Benefits of Transitioning into a Franchise Model

Many business owners strive to be the next McDonalds; a world recognized brand with global appeal.  There are many ways …

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What Does a Franchise Offer to Franchisees

In many ways, franchise businesses are the ultimate symbol of a well-functioning capitalist system. At its root, a capitalistic system …

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Why is it Important to Enforce my Trademarks?

If you snooze, you lose – especially so in the world of trademarks. Most businesses are aware of trademarks as …

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The Big Benefits of Registering Your Trademarks

While any trademark provides some protection to your brand, registering your trademark solidifies that protection into an actionable defense of …

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A Primer on Planning for Your Florida Business Taxes

If you’re a proud Florida business owner, this time of year is a happy reminder that Florida is one of …

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Tax Implications of Business Entity Selections

Tax season is upon us, with all its attendant anxieties, concerns, and worries. Many businesses spent the better part of …

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Stronger Business Begins with Stronger Contracts

Stronger Contracts

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