What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and How Can Business Owners Form One?

Can Foreign Investors Own a Limited Liability Company in Florida? I. What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? II. History of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) III. The Pros and Cons of a Limited Liability Company IV. Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs Corporation V. How to Form an LLC in Florida VI. What is an LLC Operating Agreement? VII. What is a Limited Liability Company’s Registered Read More

What is a Restrictive Covenant in Business Law?

The Different Types of Restrictive Covenants and Their Importance in Employment Contracts   I. What Is a Restrictive Covenant in Business Law?   Every business has integral and invaluable information vital to its success. That is why in order to protect the business, it is essential to restrict the use of important information by employees especially when they are no longer part of the business. A good Read More

Business Law 101: Procurement Agreements

If you run a business, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of a procurement agreement. But, if you haven’t heard of it yet and you either run or are looking to start up your own business, we’re here to provide a quick rundown about what they are, what they should include, and the purposes that they serve. So let’s discuss. In general, procurement is the process of finding and ultimately acquiring goods Read More

5 Steps to Get Trademarked

Your business’ intellectual property is arguably its most valuable asset, and one of the most common forms is the trademark. In general, a trademark is any symbol, word, mark, or design that is used by companies to assign an identity to their business. Think of the Nike swoosh or McDonalds’ golden arches. The idea of a trademark is to distinguish your business and bring recognition to your product or service from the Read More

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Public With Your Stock (IPOs)

Debating whether to take your company public (a.k.a. Initial Public Offering or “IPO”) is a huge decision. The fact that you’re debating it at all shows that you highly value your company, and that it’s expanding rapidly. So, congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your business. But, from thoroughly researching the market and your company’s financials to dealing with new compliance requirements and Read More

4 Tactics to Try if the Other Party is Being Uncooperative

When you own a business, there are so many things you have to worry about. From growing your client base to keeping your employees happy, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. One of the most common problems that business owners deal with is unresponsive people, such as a vendor, contractor, or even another business partner. Sometimes the problem resolves itself quickly, and the other party has a very Read More

Shareholder Derivative Litigation 101

A derivative action is a lawsuit brought by a corporation’s shareholders on its behalf against a third party. Usually, this third party is an inside member, such as a director or board member. Most jurisdictions require that the shareholder files a request to the corporation before bringing suit to resolve it internally. However, there are times when the court lifts this requirement as if the request will be Read More

How to Prepare Your Company for Going Public

If you are a business owner and are considering going public, then congratulations! This transition means that your company is doing quite well and is a huge step towards your business growth. Initial public offerings (IPO), a.k.a the first time your company’s stock is sold to the public, can be hugely beneficial. They can provide an influx of capital and attract new customers that will continue to boost your Read More

Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

When legal disputes arise, many people assume that the only way to really resolve them is through litigation—that is, filing a lawsuit and having your day in court to air your grievances and allow a third party who is thoroughly versed in the law decide the issue for you. Litigation, however, is an expensive, time-consuming business that rarely ever leaves either party truly satisfied in the end.  There’s a reason Read More

3 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Minimize Your Risk of an Employment Lawsuit

As a company owner, you naturally want to do everything within your power to minimize the business’s exposure to risk. Employee lawsuits, unfortunately, can impact that goal and even threaten business continuity.   These lawsuits can be inspired by several situations. The employee might complain that they are being harassed or discriminated against, or accuse you of violating state or federal laws. Even if you Read More