Jennifer Aragon

Learning and Development Coordinator

Jennifer Aragon is the Learning and Development Coordinator at Trembly Law Firm. Born and raised in Miami, FL with a strong Latin heritage, Jennifer comes from a family that has strong beliefs in education and the value of power it holds. As a result, it was no question that Jennifer would pursue a career in education. She dedicated the first seven years of her professional life to education, before transitioning into Human Resources where she continues to focus in this area.

Jennifer Aragon

Using her excellent organizational and communication skills to enhance daily operations at the firm, Jennifer works to ensure the education and training of Trembly Law employees, so they can focus on protecting our clients from legal dangers.

Although, HR and education are different worlds, both require a lot of passion for assisting and instructing an environment for people. Unquestionably, Jennifer considers herself a “forever student” of life, stating that, “(l)earning brings so much growth to your professional opportunities.” With her drive and passion for helping others, Jennifer enjoys the competition life brings to the table.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys a self-soothing run or spending time with her family. You may reach Jennifer at

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