What is Business/Civil/Commercial Litigation?

The distinction between the legal terms “Business,” “Civil” and “Commercial” litigation can be confusing, but are really negligible; the point is that litigating involves handling a lawsuit, in court, either as a plaintiff or a defendant.  If your matter proceeds to court, you’re either filing a lawsuit, or you’ve been sued, so you must defend a lawsuit.  Instead of trying to impress you with legal jargon and our vast knowledge, we prefer to keep it that simple.

When it comes to filing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit in court, proper action and response are key to ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Here at the Trembly Law Firm, we leverage our business experience and attention to detail towards generating the results you or your business not only expect – but deserve.

We’ll support you through every step of the process, making sure you know all possible outcomes and the various strategies we can use to reach your intended goal. You’ll remain as involved in your case as you wish – knowing that all the while, we’ll be handling all the day-to-day legal tasks necessary to keep things moving and progressing.