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The Trembly Law Firm understands the importance of protecting both your individual and business needs. Therefore, we help our Clients by drafting documents to fit and protect those needs. While other companies may turn to templates to draft their clients’ contracts, the Trembly Law Firm focuses on designing a contract that fits your specific, individual needs and concerns. The Trembly Law Firm has experience dealing with varying legal contract matters.

Business Contract Litigation Attorney

We help our clients by drafting documents to fit and protect those needs. While other companies may turn to templates to draft their clients’ contracts, the Trembly Law Firm focuses on designing a contract that fits your specific, individual needs and concerns. The Trembly Law Firm has experience dealing with varying legal contract matters, including the following:

Other Contract Agreements And Disputes

There are many types of breaches that can happen. We will go through some of the basics so that you can identify them.

Lease And Purchase Agreements

When you take out an apartment or office building for rent, you often have to sign a lease. This lists the time at which you must pay rent or utilities, and rules about pets or ownership. If you breach the contract, you may be evicted.

The same goes when you sign a purchase agreement for a product or service. Either you provide the goods and services, or you provide the means by which to purchase them.

Non-Compete And Confidentiality Agreements
Non-compete agreements are generally enforced when a specialist leaves a position. They agree not to participate in the same industry within a region for a certain amount of years. Confidentiality features talking or writing about business practices in public, and leaking it to others.
Financing Contracts
Financing contracts are agreements where you agree to pay for a product or service in advance, usually smaller than the final fee, or when you receive those installments. Car dealerships offer these for people who can’t afford to buy a five-thousand-dollar car at once.
Commercial Real Estate Contracts
Real estate contracts involve exchanging parcels of land for a sum of money. In this case, the buyer needs to deposit money as part of the deal, to validate the contract. This amount is called “the consideration”.
Contractor, Subcontractor, And Other Real Estate Development Contracts
When you do renovations on the property that you own, usually you hire a contractor or subcontractor. The terms of these contracts determine the services provided as well as the amount of compensation.
Shareholder, Partnership, And LLC Operating Agreements

Business owners use the above three structures to determine who owns their business. If you’re a shareholder, you’re entitled to certain benefits depending on the amount of stock. A partnership involves several people owning the business, while LLCs create less liability for owners.

Employment/Independent Contractor Agreements
These contracts serve as temporary employment agreements for contract workers. They often receive payment only, with no benefits or long-term salary.
South Florida Breach of Contract Lawyer
When a dispute arises, parties will generally depend upon the contract to find a resolution. However, legal disputes may ensue when the contract does not provide such a resolution. This is an unfortunately all-too-common scenario for the parties to the contract, as disputes are often unforeseeable at the time the contract is formulated. You need the best legal representation to ensure your rights are not neglected in such a dispute.

Take preventive measures, and protect you and your business from future liability. Whether it is drafting a contract, reviewing the language, or embarking on a new business venture, a business litigation attorney at Trembly Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to resolve your contract dispute.

Protect Your Contractual Obligations With Trembly Law

The Trembly Law Firm provides a business contract attorney that can help you gain a complete understanding of the contract dispute and the surrounding circumstances, and ensure you do not lose any of your rights. Every contract dispute is different. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your rights are realized to the fullest extent of the law.

Reach out to us today to get started with one of our experienced The Trembly Law Firm understands the importance of protecting both your individual and business needs. Let us help you navigate contract law and how big and small businesses can protect themselves.

Top Business Contract Lawyers

In the course of running your business, at some point you will enter into a dispute of one kind or another with a business partner, vendor, or other type of party. Disputes can arise for all sorts of reasons. In some cases, business partners engage in disputes because of ambiguous language in a company’s operating agreement. In other cases, business owners engage in disputes with vendors over a purchase agreement. Whatever the source of a particular dispute may be, business owners need to resolve disputes as speedily as possible. One of the worst things you can do as an owner is to allow a dispute to drag on for an extended period of time. Doing so can end up costing you large sums of money, time and energy.

At the Trembly Law Firm, we work closely with clients to develop contracts which are as clear and transparent as possible. We listen to our clients’ individual needs in order to draft contracts which reflect their specific circumstances. We believe firmly in the power of prevention and work hard to prevent disputes as much as possible. When disputes do inevitably arise, we have the skills and capabilities to resolve issues in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

Many Kinds of Disputes

As mentioned, disputes can arise in the course of business for any number of reasons. The following in an incomplete list of common reasons for business disputes (and instances of breach of contract).

Lease & Sales Agreements

Business owners routinely create lease contracts for office buildings, or other space, depending on the nature of their business. A lease contract can easily be breached for various reasons, including failure to provide utilities, misrepresentation of property conditions, and so forth. Business owners often acquire real estate in sales contracts as well. In those cases, disputes can arise if a contract isn’t properly conceived.

Non-Compete & Confidentiality Agreements

When you hire employees, you may decide to have your employees sign either a non-compete agreement, or a confidentiality agreement, or both. As a business owner, you need to understand the ins and outs of the law on these matters in the State of Florida. We can help you understand how the law treats these types of agreements, how to create an agreement that is likely to be upheld, and so forth.

Financing Agreements

Financing agreements refer to contracts which involve funds advanced for a given product or service. These funds will then be paid off incrementally over time. These types of contracts show up often in purchases for certain items, such as cars. These agreements can frequently lead to disputes, and so having an attorney present can be extremely useful.

Commercial Real Estate Contracts & Development Contracts

Whenever you purchase a piece of commercial real estate, you will enter into a sales contract. Sales contracts for real estate are commonly referred to as “purchase and sales agreements,” although this can vary depending on the location. These contracts contain a wide range of information, including all the specifications of the real estate. These contracts are often difficult to read, and having an attorney assist you can be very useful. Likewise, contracts which relate to real estate development are also often difficult to decipher. These agreements are executed between business owners and contractors, and subcontractors, and frequently contain unfamiliar terminology.

Operating Agreements

An operating agreement – otherwise known as a shareholder agreement – is a document which lays out all the details regarding how your company will be run. Significantly, this includes things which involve you and your business partners, such as distribution of work responsibilities, dispute resolution and prevention, and so forth. You need a competent attorney to assist in the creation of an operating agreement, otherwise you may encounter disputes which would have been otherwise preventable.

Employment Agreements

Employment contracts developed between business owners and their employees are a common source of disputes. Employment agreements spell out all the conditions which surround a given employee’s working situation with your company. This includes things such as term of employment (i.e. length, causes for termination, etc.), compensation, bonuses, benefits, and so forth. You will definitely want to have employment agreements reviewed by an attorney prior to execution.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Many business owners hire independent contractors to assist with various aspects of their business. Before you do so, however, you need to understand exactly how independent contractors are delineated within the law. If you intend to hire someone as an independent contractor, but in reality, the person you hired is an employee from a legal standpoint, the consequences can be severely negative.

Reach Out to a Breach of Contract Firm in South Florida

Again, this list is incomplete. There can be plenty of other reasons why disputes arise between business owners and other parties. Resolving disputes can be among the most time-consuming, stressful aspects of business. This is precisely why you need to partner with an experienced, qualified contract law attorney.

At the Trembly Law Firm, we have a long history of creating value for our clients by way of careful contract construction and speedy dispute resolution. We can help you develop the sort of contract which minimizes the possibility of dispute. If disputes do occur, we can help you resolve disputes in a quick fashion. Contact us today to learn more.

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