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  1. Experience. Our attorneys have served as in-house counsel for a company with over 45 employees and have been partners at some of Miami’s largest firms, dealing with a wide variety of business law matters. Outside of the hugely expensive monster business firms, no firm our size brings that level of wisdom to the table for their clients.
  2. Number One. We have Miami’s first and fastest-growing business-dedicated General Counsel program where we focus on helping our clients avoid the Five Danger Zones to help keep them out of court. We’re even seeking Trademark protection on our Danger Zone Certification System – Designed to protect employers, lower insurance rates and help keep our clients out of court.
  3. Boutique. No business client is too small or overlooked for us.

Protecting the Legal Interests of Miami’s Businesses

To you, your company is more than “just a job” or “a place to work.” It is an investment you’ve made in yourself and your ideas. It’s the reflection of countless little sacrifices, dozens of late nights, and your personal pursuit of success. It’s important that you protect this investment.  At Trembly Law, we have a long history of helping businesses lay a foundation for legal security and success.

Miami Business Law Attorney

Our staff of Business Law attorneys has an approach to business relationships that is grounded in direct contact, open communication and trusted counsel. This lays the groundwork for long-term client-attorney relationships that allow us to anticipate your needs and continue to work towards your best interests and objectives.

Protecting Your Investment with Expert Counsel

Opening up your own business is among the most demanding endeavors a person can undertake. Becoming an entrepreneurs requires persistence, hard work, sacrifice, intelligence and a whole range of other things. Business owners have to know the ins and outs of their particular industry, but often they don’t have in-depth knowledge of many of the key areas of business law. For instance, most aspiring entrepreneurs aren’t familiar with the entity selection, contract formation or incorporation processes. The first step toward protecting all the investment you’ve put into your business is contacting a qualified business law attorney. Even if you’re a whiz in your particular industry, setting up and operating a business requires specialized knowledge in certain areas. At Trembly Law, we can provide expert guidance in the key areas you need to know about in order to protect your investment.

Guidance in Six Areas of Business Law

Our business law attorneys offer experienced counsel in six critical areas: business purchases, contract formation, incorporation, Miami shareholder and operating agreements, transactional work and limited liability companies (LLCs).

With business purchases, we assist clients with the task of acquiring a preexisting business. There are many, many boxes which need to be checked off when it comes to purchasing a preestablished business, and at Trembly Law we walk you through the entire process from start to finish. With contract formation, we will guide you through the process of creating business contracts. As an owner, you will create contracts on a regular basis, and so it’s critical that you know how to navigate through this process.

Next, we can also provide assistance with the requirements for incorporating your business in the Miami area. What’s more, we also offer assistance in the area of Miami shareholder / operating agreements. Operating agreements are among the most important documents which businesses create. This is because such agreements spell out how the business will conduct itself in various areas, including operations, financing, stock distributions, and so forth. We can also assist with any kind of general transactional work (i.e. business sales, formation documents, infrastructure, etc.). Finally, we specialize in limited liability company formation. LLCs are among the most common business entities in the Greater Miami region and elsewhere throughout the country. We have a very detailed knowledge of these entities and can help you through the incorporation process, tax implications, and so on.

Contact a Qualified Miami Business Law Attorney

The choice is clear: if you want to ensure the best future for your business, get in touch with an experienced Miami business law firm today. The last thing you want is to gamble with the fruits of your labor. Many businesses have suffered because they lacked competent counsel in one of the key areas we’ve mentioned above. If you don’t understand the contract formation process, you can end up establishing inadequate terms; if your operating agreement is poorly constructed, you will leave yourself vulnerable to potentially costly disputes in the future.

No matter what type of assistance you need, we approach every client relationship with the same level of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence. We work hard to establish clear communication with you so that we can better understand and meet your business needs. This enables us to deliver superior results and build the groundwork for a lasting partnership.

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