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The world of technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace. Every day, new technology companies spring up, offering fascinating new products and ideas. Established technology companies also continue to innovate and provide faster, more affordable and more complex products for the general public. Technology companies often have difficulty locating and procuring adequate legal counsel for their various needs. This can be because of many reasons, including the fact that technology companies often work with novel or complex materials.
At the Trembly Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver top quality counsel in multiple areas to technology companies. Because of our combination of experience and technical knowledge, we are able to seamlessly engage with technology company owners and managers, and guide owners and managers through many critical legal areas, including entity formation, employment related issues, trademarks, and so forth.

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Business Entity Formation

Technology company owners and managers have expertise in their chosen fields, but they are often unaware of the complexities of critical business matters, including entity selection and formation. For those companies which have yet to incorporate, we can sit down and discuss the entity selection process, and then provide guidance on the formation process. Many technology companies have special concerns about long-term future growth, tax implications, and other issues; we are able to take these concerns into consideration as we offer counsel.
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Operating Agreements

Just as we do with other companies, the Trembly Law Firm strongly advises that technology companies develop a solid shareholder / operating agreement when they incorporate. An operating agreement provides a much needed layer of predictability and consistency on many key issues, including management practices, allocation of funds and resources, and so forth. Developing an operating agreement is an excellent means to prevent partner disputes in the future. Given the stakes involved in many technology companies, disputes can be more likely to arise, and so an operating agreement is nothing short of essential.

Employment Law Issues

Just like other companies, technology companies have needs when it comes to counseling on many aspects of employment law. Our lawyers can counsel technology company owners and managers on the complexities of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as other state and local laws which may affect their company.

Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a critical area of concern for most technology companies. The reason for this is straightforward: tech companies are often on the cutting-edge of development and innovation. Because of this, they are deeply concerned about protecting their intellectual property from competitors. In addition, technology companies also have needs when it comes to brand protection, copyright issues, and so forth. In addition to patent issues, we can assist with trademark registration and other brand related matters. As we know, technology companies have some of the recognizable (and valuable) brands in the world. Take the steps necessary to ensure that your hard-earned reputation pays off over the long-term.

Contract Negotiation & Formation

Technology companies often engage in complex contract negotiation when they work with outside parties, such as vendors, consultants, and so forth. The Trembly Law Firm has expertise in business contract formation and can provide assistance as you negotiate, execute and enforce the many contracts you establish throughout the course of business. When it comes to creating and enforcing contractual agreements, there are many different variables which must be taken into account. We can help you walk through the complex negotiation and execution processes so that you have the best odds of avoiding costly litigation in the future.

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Why Choose Trembly Law:

  • We align our interests with you, the client’s interests – We do this by offering comprehensive reporting, whereas other firms simply bill as much time as they can.
  • Our firm is way ahead of the technology curve compared to other firms – This makes us not only more efficient (saving time and money on client cases) but we also work with many technology firms on their cases so we better understand their unique situation.
  • We encourage pre-suit mediation when most other Firms don’t (if any) – Many lawsuits can be resolved when 3rd parties get involved to hash out the differences and what each wants. It’s usually best for both parties if things can be worked out without a trial.
  • Trembly Law is highly experienced, we’ve handled all types of business agreements and situations, including ones probably just like yours – In addition to our technology business law experience, we’ve drafted many agreements for buying / acquisition of a business, selling a business, merging with another company, license agreements, asset purchases, litigation issues, incorporation and more.

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These are just a few of the many areas in which we can be of assistance for technology companies here in the State of Florida. We aim to provide top quality counsel in a diverse range of areas for technology companies. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Trembly Law Firm and speak to one of our technology lawyers today by calling. (305) 431-5678

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Call (305) 431-5678 or fill out the short form below. We will usually respond within 1 business day but often do so the same day. Don’t hesitate, your questions are welcome.