Miami Trademark Lawyer

We assist our clients with a broad scope of Trademark services, including analysis, filing, licensing, monitoring, litigation and prosecution.

Trademark Analysis and Registration:

We analyze everything you will need to register your mark, and if it can be registered.  During our initial meeting, we provide and in-depth analysis on the trademark protections that are available which could include, existing common law trademark protection or registration with appropriate state trademark offices or the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”). If trademark protection is not available, we provide recommendations and different methods to increase protection of particular marks.

Trademark Licensing:

We assist our clients with obtaining licenses to use material from another’s trademark. Our legal team helps negotiate the terms relating to such license and facilitates and negotiate the use of our clients’ work to others. Should our client be looking to sell or purchase intellectual property assets, our attorneys will be there to aid them in the process.

Trademark Attorney in South Miami

Trademark Monitoring:

We proactively monitor our clients’ trademarks to ensure they are not susceptible to infringement. Sometimes legal proceedings are necessary. If such infringement occurs, our legal team will actively enforce or defend your rights.

Trademark Prosecution:

Should a Trademark be challenged, we provide prosecution and litigation to fight for your right to the Trademark.

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