Trembly Law Firm Settles Two ADA Violation Cases

Miami, FL (Trembly Law Firm) September 22, 2017 – There has been an unfortunate abuse of the Americans With Disabilities law (ADA) in the last several years in South Florida, triggering a staggering number of cases filed against building owners.  Our litigation team has been hard at work in defending these cases.

This month the Trembly Law Firm attorneys settled two ADA defense cases.  Our litigation team worked together with a leading ADA expert who inspected and prepared reports to determine the legitimacy and severity of violations alleged in the complaints. Trembly Law attorneys have developed a system for mitigating exposure and reducing expenses in defending ADA cases.  Until a favorable change in the law to stop the rampant abuse of the ADA, Trembly Law is here to defend business owners on the receiving end of these lawsuits.


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