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Trembly Law Wins Jury Trial

Litigation Team Secures Complete Defense Verdict

Miami, Florida (April 24, 2018) — After two-and-a-half days of arguments, the Trembly Law Litigation Team of Chairman Christian Rodriguez, Esq. and David Wolff, Esq. secured a complete defense verdict for its clients.

After closing on the purchase of a business, the seller failed to meet several obligations, defaulting on the purchase contract. Nevertheless, the seller brought suit against Trembly’s client for breach of contract. When the parties were unable to settle, the defendant countered for misrepresentation, and the litigation team at Trembly Law prepared for trial, leaving no stone unturned.

“The Trembly Law Firm successfully represented my business after a horrific three-year struggle and returned my family’s ‘peace of mind’ for the first time,” said the successful defendant and purchaser of the business. “I wholeheartedly recommend Trembly Law firm and his expert staff. I am eternally grateful for your help. You are the best and I’m proud to have you representing my business.”

Trembly Law successfully handles all types of lawsuits and contract litigation matters. For more information on how our litigation team can help protect your rights, visit our website here:


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In addition to our “every client matters” philosophy, one of the strengths of the Trembly Law Firm is our proven track record working with businesses and individuals from all over Miami.

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