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What are the most important legal issues that every business should address?

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What are the most important legal issues that every business should address?

Most important legal issues, that’s kind of all a hard list to come up with and rank definitively. First, second, third, but there are three that I can think of which if you don’t take care of these can really just screw up your business and your life potentially. So you’re gonna want to make sure these three things, and there are many others. But one is in your contracts, you want what’s called a venue, or forum selection clause. So if you’re providing services, and it could be over the internet, you could be shipping goods, or you could have clients coming from all over the country. And even if your business is located, for example, in South Florida where I am, then you want to make sure if something happens that if they want to sue you, they have to do it in your home, venue, or city because imagine, you get dropped with a lawsuit in the state of Washington, well, that’s an automatic loser for you, you’re it’s just gonna not make sense for you to go across the country and defend a lawsuit. The next one would be personal liability, make sure that individually, you’re kind of separated and protected from the debts of the company. And the third thing is you want to make sure that you’re not violating any copyright of another company. So for example, if you’re using a logo, or you came up with a motto or slogan, you want to do some research research ahead of time and make sure that you haven’t actually unintentionally stolen or use someone else’s intellectual property. Those are the three things that could really put a hurting on your business quickly.

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