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Why do we charge a consultation fee?

The purpose of this blog is to answer one of the most common questions we get asked when potential new clients reach out to us for the first time.

Before you meet with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to take a look at your specific issue or potential case, we charge for what is known as a consultation fee. We usually get asked why we do that. There are many reasons behind that fee:

First, because we take our work and solving your problem seriously. Before we get to talk to you and start analyzing how we can help, we need to know you are as committed as we are to working together. So, a consultation fee is customary as proof of that commitment.

Secondly, time and resources go into setting up and conducting the consultation, as we start working to help you the moment you get into contact with us. Just as you wouldn’t work for free, or give your merchandise away for free to customers, we don’t do that either.

And lastly, we believe it is the perfect way to start our working relationship. You retain us so we don’t work for any other party in your dispute, and we can start setting things in motion and being open and honest about every step of the process. We also can apply your consultation fee directly to your retainer payment, if you pay in a timely manner!

We take the possibility of helping your business seriously, because we believe in protecting the economy, one business at a time. If you don’t take your legal matters into serious consideration from the start, it may cost you more in the long run – it can even cost you your business. We even have our Danger Zone Program to help you proactively prevent disputes.

Start protecting your business, contact us today.

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