Medical Malpractice Attorney Miami

Everyone has a duty not to carelessly or purposely harm others. Professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and lawyers, owe a heightened duty of care to their patients and clients. However, many individuals take advantage of this fact and wrongfully sue their lawyer or doctor.

At the Trembly Law Firm, we are passionate about helping professionals that have been wrongly accused by a disgruntled client protect themselves.

South Florida Medical Malpractice

We are sensitive to the concerns of physicians and hospitals about the protection of their good reputations in the medical community, and take a zealous approach to the defense of unwarranted claims.  Where possible, we assist physicians and hospitals in having lawsuits against them dismissed before they ever get to the courthouse steps, but in the cases in which this is not possible, we provide an aggressive trial defense to protect the interests of our medical clients.  However, in circumstances that require justice, we will handle your malpractice action on the Plaintiff’s side.  We can evaluate your case and tell you whether your lawyer’s conduct rises to the level of negligence.

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