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The Trembly Law Team – Experienced Miami Business Lawyers

A Unique Approach to Business Law and Business Litigation

There are plenty of lawyers out there – so why should you choose Trembly Law?

First and foremost, we understand business owners.  We realize that you have big dreams, and spending your precious time and money on lawsuits is not one of them.

Most law firms view their clients as files, and each file is simply an opportunity to bill more hours.  In this long standing and traditional “big law” business model, a lawyer’s “productivity” is viewed in terms of hours billed, not based on effective legal representation.  This typical law firm mentality creates diverging interests for the client and firm, where resolving matters quickly is discouraged.

Our system at the Trembly Law Firm is entirely different: We align our interests with your interests.  Our goal is to help each client successfully resolve their matter as quickly as possible, through exhaustive screening, creative pre-suit mediation, and aggressive litigation, when necessary.  We develop a unique litigation plan with each client to maximize resources and prepare for success.

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