What to Do (and NOT to Do) if You’re Facing a Lawsuit

Being sued is not something any business owner desires. Facing a lawsuit can be stressful, time consuming, and costly, and that is even if you win the suit! When you’re running a business, however, the chances of being sued at some point are quite high. With this in mind, it is essential to be prepared by knowing what you should do, and, more importantly, what you should NOT do. Don’t Admit Guilt or Read More

Five Ways to Protect Sensitive Business Information

Businesses today gather a great deal of information over the course of their operations. Whether it is sensitive customer information, client lists, future business plans, or something else entirely, it absolutely must be a priority to keep that data safe. Data breaches of any kind can cause significant financial problems as well as hurt the reputation of your business in the eyes of consumers. With this in mind, Read More

Should I File a Lawsuit?

In our legal system, it is possible to sue anybody for anything. That doesn’t mean that you’ll win, of course, and every day frivolous lawsuits are filed that don’t stand a chance. Clearly, some individuals are too quick to file a suit. On the other hand, other people and businesses may be reluctant to file a lawsuit - even when the lawsuit offers the best route to addressing their concerns. Today, we present three Read More

Six Key Foundations of a Solid Business Contract

Whenever doing business with another company or individual, it is important to get the agreement in writing. Having a written contract will help prevent miscommunication, and also give you recourse to the law in the event that the other party does not live up to their side of the deal. Even if you are doing business with a friend or someone else you trust, it is always best to have a solid business contract in place Read More

Thinking About Buying a Business? Ask These Four Questions First

Purchasing a business is a big decision - and it’s important that you’ve thought through all of the details ahead of time. Here are five particularly important questions to consider. As always, we highly recommend that you speak to an experienced business attorney who can help you evaluate the specifics of your transaction before you proceed! Why is the current owner selling? If there’s some deep dark secret Read More

Attorneys, You’re Not Exempt: Why Your Firm Needs an Operating Agreement

Just like any other business, your law firm needs an operating agreement. Perhaps the biggest danger of failing to have an operating agreement is that without one, default state regulations will govern the business, sometimes with unintended consequences. One of the most critical things an operating agreement does is to define the structure of the business. For example, many states define LLCs as member-managed by Read More

Business Law Basics: Essential Elements of an Operating Agreement

Your business needs an operating agreement. But what should your operating agreement define? Below are several essential issues that must be addressed in your agreement: Ownership division. Is the percentage of ownership of the business based on financial contributions or other factors? And is this percentage of ownership directly reflected in the pay each partner receives and in the percentage of management Read More

Business Law Basics: Why Your Business Needs an Operating Agreement

Getting your new company off the ground? The first step from a legal standpoint is formally registering and structuring the business - but don’t stop there! (Many business owners DO stop there… and end up regretting it.) There are a number of additional legal documents which should be created, even though they aren’t required by the state of Florida. This proactive planning can save your business from a host of Read More

When to Use Pre-Paid Legal Services… and When to Hire a Lawyer

What is a pre-paid legal service? The term can mean several different things. A pre-paid legal service can be a consortium of lawyers who’ve banded together to offer discount legal services. It can be a plan that offers simple legal forms drawn up for a modest fee, or it can provide access to a database of legal forms. Is a legal service worth it? That depends. The reality is that many—maybe most—pre-paid legal Read More

Control Your Own Destiny: Five Reasons to Consider Launching Your Own Business

Starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. Building a business from the ground up requires vision, leadership, and endless amounts of energy. It requires a great deal of time and often a great deal of money. And there’s no guarantee of success. That said, building a successful business is incredibly rewarding.  It offers you financial and lifestyle rewards that most “traditional” jobs never will. I’ve Read More