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4 Tactics to Try if the Other Party is Being Uncooperative

When you own a business, there are so many things you have to worry about. From growing your client base to keeping your employees happy, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. One of the most common problems that business owners deal with is unresponsive people, such as a vendor, contractor, or even another business partner. Sometimes the problem resolves itself quickly, and the other party has a very simple and legitimate reason for going MIA for a couple of days. But other times they simply disappear, leaving you with an unfinished project, money down the drain, and a business in limbo. So what can you do? Read ahead for some tips on how to deal with an unresponsive party.

  • Put your complaint(s) in writing

One of the best things you can do to help build your case is to put your complaints and problems in writing, whether it’s by sending an email to the other party, mailing the letter formally, or recording it on your own internal records at work. If the time eventually comes where legal action is needed, or if you hire someone else and the other party suddenly shows up again demanding payment, you have a solid paper trail to show that you did everything you possibly could—that you did your due diligence.

  • Hold any scheduled or upcoming payments

One of the most unfortunate things about a contractor ignoring you is that you have likely already put down a substantial amount of money. Many contractors or vendors won’t even begin working without a deposit. So, what can you do? If your agreement is in a formal contract (and ideally should be!) then you’ve likely worked out a set schedule for when payment is due. Sometimes it goes by percent of work done, other times it’s by date. Regardless of what the schedule is, make sure you hold off on sending any more payments that come due. If one thing is for certain, money is a top motivator and likely to show your vendor that you mean business.

  • Find a new contact

Unless you are truly doing business with a single person entity, it’s likely that there are other people you can get in contact with who either works with or employs your missing contractor. Try looking up who else works with them and reaching out to them. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative. Although you want to make sure you aren’t going over the top and contacting everyone they know non-stop, finding alternate phone numbers or email addresses in association with your contractor can show that you really aren’t about to give up.

  • Obtain a business lawyer

The most effective way to push any uncooperative party into response is by working with an experienced Florida business lawyer. No matter what the scenario or issue is, people take legal action (or even the mere threat of it), very seriously. Your lawyer will know the best way to go about handling the situation, while being careful to work to preserve your business’s contract integrity, and other deals.

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