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6 Ways an Attorney Can Make Your Business Dreams a Reality

A reliable, trusted attorney helping you throughout your business decisions is an invaluable asset to have. With the right attorney, you not only have a legal representative, you’ll have a mentor, guide, partner, advisor, protector, and more—all in one person. Behind any successful business is a good lawyer insulating it from the lawsuits and issues coming from all directions. It is not always obvious how attorneys lend their legal expertise, so we aim to shed a light on what they can do for your business at the startup phase, like:

  • Risks, foreseen and unforeseen. Attorneys play a vital role in foreseeing what lawsuits could come from the operation of the business. They negotiate and draft contracts/agreements that will protect you from liabilities. In other words, they will keep you out of trouble for a smaller fraction of the price it would take to settle a dispute or take it to court.
  • Formation. Attorneys will take you through your state’s laws and requirements when starting a business. They will advise you on the various entities that best fit your plans for your business, and they will draft and file the necessary documents to “seal the deal” in forming your business.
  • Intellectual Property. Whether you need a patent, trademark, or copyright filed with the USPTO, an attorney will help get you through the process. Applying for IP protections through the USPTO takes a lot of back and forth and research, and an attorney can do all of that for you so that you can focus on getting your business up and running.
  • Vendor and client contracts. Your attorney can draft and review all the contracts between you and the vendors you retain, as well as the clients you get. Usually, this means creating a contract template, but it could also mean tweaking contract language to fit the situation. Either way, a contract is legally binding, so you’ll want to make sure that your contracts are written in such a way that they don’t hurt you or your business.
  • Taxes. Attorneys can help you file for federal and state registration of your business and the associated taxes. Whatever business entity you choose, you will have to deal with taxes in one form or another. An attorney will help make sure that you are filing correctly and on time.
  • Any and all growing pains. In working to make your business dreams a reality, it’s easy to overlook the legal aspects of the business. Attorneys are trained to spot the legal loopholes and pitfalls you may be leaving wide open especially as a startup, so their role is as essential as your accountant.

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