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How To Choose The Franchise That’s Right For You

For many entrepreneurs, buying a franchise is the best option for owning and operating their own business. You can achieve the freedom afforded by business ownership without having to start from scratch.

With proven business models along with marketing, operational, and logistical support, franchise ownership can be a relatively fast and lucrative way to achieve your business goals. But how do you know which franchise is right for you? There is a plethora of franchise options in every field and industrial segment imaginable. Making the right choice can be overwhelming, but we’re here to provide you with strategies to narrow your options and to fulfill your franchising dreams.


Before you can pick the franchise that’s right for you, you have to be brutally honest with yourself. What kind of work do you enjoy doing? What types of business strategies work well with your personality? Often, we are so caught up in the challenges and stimuli of everyday life that we neglect taking time to look inside and know ourselves. Perhaps owning a restaurant sounds great because you enjoy good food, but will you really enjoy serving it to others? Finding the right fit for you is an integral component to your business success and ultimately your overall happiness.

Additionally, you have to ask yourself what your goals are in owning a franchise. Are you looking for passive income or do you want it to be your full-time job? Before you make any decisions about buying a franchise, make sure you take adequate time to think it through. You are far more likely to be happy with your choices.

How much time do you have?

This is a simple question you must ask yourself before deciding on a franchise. Some franchises will involve round the clock, on-call commitments. Others are manageable with a simple 9 to 5 or less. How much time are you willing to commit to your business? If you want your franchise to be a side-venture but you choose a franchise that requires constant attention and involvement, it’s probably not going to work out. When you are exploring franchise options, figure out what the hours will be and what days the business will have to operate, and see if it matches with your preferred schedule.

Know the franchise market

When choosing a franchise it’s important to understand who the desired audience will be and how your franchise will fit into the market. You may have misconceptions about who uses the product or service and thus your ownership of the franchise may not be what you expect. You can call current franchisees to better understand the market they serve. Making an informed decision is the best kind you can make.

How much cash are you willing to risk?

The following advice goes hand-in-hand with some of the tips above, but it is especially important to understand how much money you are willing to invest and risk with your franchise. It’s essential that you choose a franchise that suits your financial desires. Some franchising opportunities are much riskier than others, and the amount of cash you invest to get started and to operate can vary tremendously. Ahead of time you must define the amount you are willing to spend, your desired return on investment (ROI), and how much you are willing to lose before choosing your franchise.

After taking the steps above, narrow down your options to only those that truly fulfill what your are looking for in a franchise opportunity. Owning a franchise can be an incredibly exciting prospect, but if you choose one that is not a good match for you, it could be a disaster. There are thousands of franchises out there, so you should be able to find one that very closely matches your desires and expectations. For more information on purchasing or owning a franchise, give us a call to speak with experienced business attorneys who can guide you through every step of the process.

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