Americans with Disabilities Act Claim or Lawsuit Defense

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was first enacted in 1990, several modifications have been made to this important piece of legislation. Private entities open to the public and employers continually face challenges with ADA compliance. It is important to know that costs of non-compliance can prove costly to a company’s success and bottom line.

At Trembly Law, we believe it’s important that consumers stay safe. Occasionally frivolous lawsuits do arise though, and it’s the business that needs defending.


South Miami Americans with Disabilities Act Claim or Lawsuit Defense

We have a comprehensive consultative process that includes assisting and making recommendations to implement preventative measures. If you want experience and knowledge in the area of ADA defense and discrimination, turn to us.  We highlight steps that should be taken to ensure ongoing compliance and work with experts to ensure expedient compliance with ADA laws.