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Navigating the New Landscape: Miami-Dade’s Shift in Legal Notice Publication

As a business owner, staying ahead of the curve in legal matters is not just prudent, it’s essential. A recent development in Miami-Dade County’s legal landscape demands your attention – a significant change in the publication of legal notices that could affect your business operations.


Understanding the Change

For years, the Daily Business Review has been the cornerstone for publishing legal notices in Miami-Dade County. However, this long standing tradition has taken a turn. Effective November 22, 2023, Miami’s Community News steps in as the new designated record newspaper for such notices. See Admin. Order No. 23-11 (11th Jud. Cir. Ct. 2023).


Why This Matters to You

  1. Compliance: The switch to ‘Miami’s Community News’ means that your legal notices – be they related to property, legal summons, or other official announcements – now need to be published in this new outlet to meet legal requirements.
  2. Impact on Your Business Processes: Adapting to this change is more than just a procedural update; it’s about ensuring your business remains compliant and your operations smooth. It’s time to update your legal checklist and communication strategies to align with this new requirement.
  3. Access to Information: Staying informed about local legal developments, public hearings, zoning changes, or business licensing issues is crucial. The designated newspaper for legal notices serves as a primary source of such information.
  4. Cost Implications: Publishing legal notices might incur different costs depending on the specific notice type being published. For more information regarding Miami’s Community News’ rates, you can contact their legal notice department at 305-669-7031.

Specific Legal Notice Requirements for Business Owners

Business owners in Miami-Dade County may need to publish or review published legal notices for various reasons, including:

  • Fictitious name registrations
  • Public hearings or zoning changes
  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Government notices
  • Service by publication*

See e.g., Fla. Stat. § 865.09 (2023); see also Fla. Stat. § 49.10 (2023); Fla. Stat. § 166.041(3)(c)2.b (2023); Fla. Stat. § 50.0211 (2023); and Fla. Stat. § 50.011 (2023).

*It is important to note that service by publication (publishing a legal notice in a newspaper to personally serve another party with a lawsuit) should be considered a method of last resort. This should be used only when personal or substitute service of process, or service under long-arm statutes, cannot be made, ensuring that all other avenues for serving legal notices are exhausted before resorting to publication.


How We Can Help

At Trembly Law Firm, we recognize the complexities these changes bring to your business operations. Our team is prepared to guide you through this transition, ensuring that your business complies with the new requirements and continues to operate smoothly.

Adapting to changes in legal requirements is crucial for the success of your business. We invite you to reach out to us for any assistance or clarification regarding this important shift in legal notice publication. Together, we can ensure your business is well-positioned to meet these new challenges.

Elias Correa Menendez, Esq.

Partner & Chief Legal Officer

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Elias had always had an interest in practicing law. After receiving his JD from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, magna cum laude in 2002, and his LL.M. from Tulane University in Commercial Law, Elias was mentored by an experienced business attorney and has since then had a passion for working with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. He is now a Partner and the Chief Legal Officer at Trembly Law Firm.

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