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Terminations, Employment Agreements, and At-Will Employment

When people discover that Florida is an at-will employment state, there is a slight amount of initial shock. The root of this is likely because they felt they could only be terminated for cause. In other words, their ability to maintain employment was within their control. That layer of assumed security disappears when they learn that an employer can terminate them for any reason at any time. The clear exception to that is when an employer fires someone because of protected categories, or in retaliation. For example, an employee reports to HR that their boss has been acting inappropriately. The boss cannot terminate the employee for doing so and hide behind the curtain of an at-will employment arrangement.

The Basics of an Employment Contract

Like most contracts, an employment contract outlines the relationship and obligations of two parties. In this case, we are looking at the employer and the employee. Although only the employee may stand to gain from one, that isn’t the case. Employers may choose to offer employment agreements to attract talent. Additionally, they can outline clear expectations regarding workplace behavior, and they may add restrictive covenants. For instance, the contract may prevent the employee from taking a client list to a competitor or mishandling intellectual property. 

Speak with an Employment Law Attorney 

At Trembly Law Firm, we believe that wrongful termination cases are fact sensitive. Our extensive experience with these cases allows us to analyze your unique situation’s details to determine whether a wrongful termination is probable. If you have been fired from your job unjustifiably—even if you don’t have an employment agreement—contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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