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Trembly Law Firm Successfully Prevents Law Firm Former Employer From Harassing an Attorney Former Employee

Trembly Law Firm Successfully Prevents Law Firm Former Employer From Harassing an Attorney Former Employee

When Managing Partner, Christian E. Rodriguez, first heard the story, he knew he had to help this fellow member of the Florida Bar.

A former attorney employee (“former employee”) at a local firm had been subpoenaed to testify at deposition regarding time entries for a case at his former firm. The former employee testified that the time entries that bore his name were never entered by him and did not accurately represent any of his time, that he never worked on the case, and that the time entries seemed fraudulent. The former employer then proceeded to serve the former employee with a lengthy and harassing subpoena for deposition duces tecum asking him to sit for another deposition and asking him to produce several private and confidential documents wholly irrelevant to the case. “What was being done to him was nothing short of bullying and witness intimidation tactics—it simply was not ok with me” says, Managing Partner, Christian E. Rodriguez.

Senior attorney, Kevin Pardiñas, was put in charge of the defense. With the help of the Chair of the Litigation Department, Veronica Rabinowitz, the team put together a Motion for Protective Order to prevent any the former employer from seeking further depositions or discovery requests from the former employee and took the former employer to court. After a lengthy and heated hearing, the Firm walked out with an order granting the protective order, preventing the former employer from any further depositions or discovery from the former employee.

The order entered by the Court stated that the former employer’s tactics amounted to nothing more than attempts to bully and intimidate the former employee with the intent to cause him to change his testimony. The client had this to say about his experience, “Trembly Law Firm provided me with professional, responsive and effective legal representation. I can’t recommend them highly enough . . . They will remain my first choice for representation in the future.


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At the Trembly Law Firm, we believe that business owners, entrepreneurs and job creators are the backbone of our economy. In addition to our “every client matters” philosophy, one of the strengths of the Trembly Law Firm is our proven track record working with businesses and individuals from all over Miami. Our Firm attorneys have built an impressive portfolio of hundreds of business and franchise clients, whom we represent both in and out of court.

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