Miami Business Law: Are Your Personal Assets At Risk?

Liability is (and should be!) a major concern for business owners. Smart policies and procedures can go a long way towards minimizing your liability - but the fact is, short of closing down your business, it’s all but impossible to completely eliminate liability risks in your business. That’s why liability management, the concept of shielding your personal assets, is so important for business owners. In the event Read More

“Help… I Might Be Sued!” Here’s What You Need to Know

No business owner wants to face a lawsuit. The process can be stressful and time consuming - not to mention expensive (if you hire the wrong firm).  This is why rock-solid contracts are so important - to dramatically reduce your exposure to lawsuits and other legal action. Lawsuits are a reality in today’s business climate. One survey estimates that 80% of business owners will engage in legal action at some point Read More

Miami Business Law: Is it Ever Acceptable to Breach a Contract?

You signed a contract with another business or with an individual. But things changed, and now you’re unhappy with the arrangement. But it’s a contract, so you’re stuck with it… right? Much of time, you’re right. (That’s why it’s important to be very careful what you sign in the first place!) But depending on the circumstances, you may actually have legal methods of invalidating the contract. Today, we’re going to Read More

Miami Business Law: Four Critical Contract Errors to Avoid

At the Trembly Law Firm, we work closely with business owners every day, helping them navigate a myriad of potential disruptive legal issues. While some of these legal issues are unavoidable, many of these disputes could have been avoided if the business owner had taken the proper precautions before signing a contract. Below, we highlight four of the most common mistakes to avoid in your business contracts. 1. Read More