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Trembly Law Firm Announces Three Bench Trial Wins

Trembly Law Firm Announces Three Bench Trial Wins

Trembly Law Firm successfully represented clients at three recent bench trials, helping them achieve favorable outcomes through smart litigation tactics. All three wins were led by attorneys Christopher A. Aguirre, Esq. and Hubert G. Menendez, Esq., and demonstrated the wide range of tactics the firm uses to defend clients against unjust claims.

The first case was a bench trial regarding an injunction and restraining order, where the firm represented the Respondent. The Firm was first able to prove our client’s innocence and then get the witness to admit on the record that the Plaintiff’s allegations were false. In fact, halfway through the hearing the witness recanted his entire story. The firm had served and filed a 57.105 Motion for Sanctions and Attorney’s Fees on the Petitioner. The Court granted the Motion for Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees and Costs due to Trembly Law having him admit on the record that he lied to the Court and his injunction and restraining order request was fraudulent. As a result of the team’s hard work and passion for protecting business owners, the case was dismissed in favor of our client.

The second case was another bench trial win regarding an Interpleader Action which reverted all rights back to the Firm’s client to be able to pursue his damages against financial entities and business partners. This win was possible due to directing the Court to acknowledge the client’s interests, and the Firm’s objections and questioning as to a court-appointed receiver acting in a way that was not in the best interests of either the client or the client’s company. Trembly Law Firm was also able to establish a favorable final judgment in favor of the client that will allow the client to seek compensation for a portion of his litigation costs as well as other potential financial gains.

The third case was an important continuance and mistrial during a bench trial. The situation was due to Opposing Counsel attempting to introduce evidence that was never disclosed. This case involved issues surrounding an injunction and serious allegations of misconduct, where Trembly Law Firm represented the Defendant. The Firm prepared diligently and filed numerous responses and motions in limine that were directly on point and anticipated the potential improper attempts by Opposing Counsel to introduce evidence. The Court has now canceled the re-set future trial date until all of these issues regarding Opposing Counsel’s actions are resolved and attempts to prevent the Firm from obtaining discovery are heard and ruled upon.


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At the Trembly Law Firm, we believe that business owners, entrepreneurs and job creators are the backbone of our economy. In addition to our “every client matters” philosophy, one of the strengths of the Trembly Law Firm is our proven track record working with businesses and individuals from all over Miami. Our Firm attorneys have built an impressive portfolio of hundreds of business and franchise clients, whom we represent both in and out of court.

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