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Independent Franchise Association Pros and Cons

If you are considering working with an independent franchise association, it is important to understand that there are benefits as well as disadvantages of going this route. Understanding all of the differences between them can help you make an informed decision about what is most appropriate for you. An independent franchisee association is an organization of various franchisees usually within one franchise system.

Depending on the specific type of business that you’re involved with and how your marketing and outreach programs work, there’s a number of different ways that such organizations could be put together. It’s useful to take a look at these before you ever make any agreements. Then you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting what you expect out of the deal.

Will there be any question regarding any of the text involved with a contract? You’ll want to talk with a Miami franchise attorney. You’ll also want to consider the actual reasons and purpose that you’re planning on working with such a system.

The Purpose Behind An Independent Franchise Association

The major function of such an organization is to bring out a more powerful and singular voice for dealing directly with the franchisor. It can also increase the individual purchasing power for members. Are you thinking about the sum total of all the interests for those individuals with active franchise operations? An independent association can help bring all those concerns into one place.

Small business owners often end up in situations where their voice isn’t heard. This is a result of much larger groups conducting business in the same market segment. These owners will want a platform to help ensure that their companies would be able to compete fairly.

Why Form An Independent Franchise Organization?

A platform is the primary reason why franchisees would get together and form an independent franchisee association. This may be distinguished from other organizations put together such as advisory councils that could be funded or organized by the franchisor. An independent franchise organization allows franchisees to have a bigger voice. The hybrid associations that are funded and organized by the franchisor may limit the ability for independent action.

In general, most of these agreements spell out certain limitations that prevent them from micromanaging the daily affairs of different firms. That makes them an attractive option for those who want to work with an outside authority but don’t want to have to deal with the problems that would result from a strict external power exhibiting control over their business venture. This sort of ideology has traditionally impacted their typical structures.

In theory, no two of these associations are ever going to be the same. There are those who might end up with an overly complex way of taking care of business. This has traditionally been one of the big cons of working with these kinds of groups.

In other cases, some groups may end up as somewhat top heavy. That being said, in a majority of situations they follow a typical structure that’s at least relatively lean so individual business owners won’t have to worry about the problems that would come with working with bigger groups that have more challenges to concern themselves with.

The Typical Structure Of An Association

The structure of the association will vary based on the size of the system. In a typical system, the franchisees will be the members of the association. There could also be regional associations that work together for a national association. The primary use of an association is to create better understanding and communication between a franchisor and the franchisee. When all goes well, individual franchisees will be able to express their concerns and other comments regarding how they normally do business. As a result, they’ll be able to get answers even if they wouldn’t normally be empowered to.

An association can also put together a stage for franchisees to debate and discuss the common issues. This allows them to make better informed decisions in the future. It is important to consider how you put together an independent franchisee association as it needs to be viewed as a tool rather than a direct attack on the existing franchisor. By doing so, everyone involved in the decision making process will be given the authority to help make a choice together. Once decisions have been reached, those impacted will feel that they were able to have a say in how the proceedings went.

Running a franchise business might be the right fit for you. Even so, you may have questions about the most effective way to run the business or how to deal with challenges. This is one reason why you may want to consult with an experienced attorney about your next steps. You may ask whether or not it makes sense to form an independent association.

In some cases, you might want to hold back and wait to see how market conditions might change. For other cases you’ll want to ensure that you can get your association together as quickly as possible.

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