Sometimes monetary damage is insufficient to compensate you for your losses. After all, the most valuable things in life are priceless. When you have suffered, or about to suffer, a loss for which money cannot compensate, you may need to request injunctive relief. Injunctive relief is a court order asking someone to do something or forbidding some act. Common examples of injunctions include:

  • Prohibitions against creating nuisances
  • Preventing Irreparable breach of contracts
  • Enforcing non-competition agreements
  • Enforcing non-disclosure clauses
  • Forcing the return of a unique possession

The three main types of injunctive relief are temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and permanent injunctions. A temporary restraining order is a short-term injunction issued before a formal court hearing. These are usually issued when there is a danger that a delay in issuing an injunction will cause irreparable harm. A preliminary injunction, meanwhile, is a court order prohibiting a party or forcing a party from doing something in dispute until there is a final court judgment. Finally, a permanent injunction is a court order that a party cease certain activities permanently or perform certain acts.

South Florida Injunctive Relief

When your rights are in question, time is of the essence, especially when priceless possessions are at stake for which there are no suitable monetary remedies. That is why you need to contact the right legal team to help get you the relief you need before further damage can be done. Contact the Trembly Law Firm to begin the proper steps in ensuring your rights are no longer trampled upon.

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