Sarah Harrison

Marketing Coordinator

When she was younger, Sarah always knew that she wanted to help people. During high school, she would volunteer in foster pet programs, participate in musicals and plays that entertained hundreds and volunteer at nursing homes. Sarah has always had an interest in the legal field. Ultimately, Sarah aspires to become an attorney in order to utilize the profession to help better the world and make a difference in her community.

After graduating high school, Sarah began working on her bachelor’s degree for Political Science. Sarah enjoys politics and eventually wants to become a politician.  Working at Trembly Law Firm has helped Sarah gain both knowledge and experience with business law and litigation and has reinforced her dream of becoming a politician that can help make a positive impact on society. 

Sarah Harrison
Sarah credits her aspirations to her loving parents, who have helped her realize the importance and goodness in helping others. Seeing a positive difference in the world, making someone genuinely happy, ridding the world of its’ negativity – those are the things that brings Sarah joy. Working at Trembly Law, Sarah’s goal is to help further the firm so that it may continue to protect honest business owners from the dangers they face.
When Sarah is not at work or assisting Brett with additional projects that keep the firm busy, you can find her caring for animals in need, going to rock concerts or practicing her drumming skills.

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