Christian E. Rodriguez, Esq.,
Managing Partner
(305) 431-5678
9700 South Dixie Hwy, Penthouse 1100, Miami, Florida 33156

Christian is a Miami native that comes from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs. His family left Cuba to escape tyranny and give their families a better life. After arriving in the U.S., his family worked hard to open businesses to create better opportunities for the next generation.

It should be no surprise then, that Christian is driven to help business owners fight off frivolous and potentially devasting cases. Christian’s passion and dedication have helped him develop an impressive track record of successfully protecting business owners, and have gained him a reputation for not being afraid to try cases.                                                                

He has successfully represented business owners in jury trials defending various frivolous claims ranging from breach of contract claims to shareholder disputes to employment discrimination. He also led the litigation team that successfully fended off a potential class action lawsuit in Federal Court against a local for alleged violations of the T.C.P.A. Mindful of the costs of litigation, Christian has also helped several business owners negotiate and avoid potentially devasting damages in overtime cases and ADA Title III cases.                                                                          

Christian has also presented to various legal professionals on topics ranging from A.D.A. Title III to Condominium Law. He was also been interviewed by the Daily Business Review, and that article was also republished by Yahoo! Finance. A copy of the article can be found at




Circle Property Owners’ Association, Inc., v. Circle One Condominium Association, Inc.,159 So.3d 423 (Fla. 4th DCA, March 25, 2015)—The appellate court affirmed the award of Mr. Rodriguez’s attorney’s fees and costs at the trial level which were awarded after Mr. Rodriguez successfully represented and defended a court-appointed receiver at the trial court level. Mr. Rodriguez also represented the receiver at the appellate level and won the appeal on the papers.

Maxima International, S.A., v. Interocean Lines, Inc., 2017 WL 346826, 16-CV-21233 GAYLES/TURNOFF (S. Dist. Fla., January 24, 2017)—Mr. Rodriguez successfully defended and defeated defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for forum non conveniens.

Florio, v. Success Agency LLC, 2017 WL 8897130, Case No. 17-80557-CV- MIDDLEBROOKS (S. Dist. Fla. October 27, 2017)—Trembly Law Firm was retained to defend against an FLSA overtime claim. Mr. Rodriguez engaged in motions practice, and the District Court granted Defendant’s motion to set aside the default, quash service of process, strike the amended complaint, and dismissed the case for failure to comply with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(m).

E&C Copiers Export Import Corp. v. Arizas Fotocoiadoras S.A.S., et al., 2017 WL 10186603, Case No. 15-21693-Civ-COOKE/TORRES (S. Dist. Fla. December 29, 2017)—Trembly Law Firm was retained to defend against a post-judgment Motion for Contempt; Mr. Rodriguez represented the Firm’s client and convinced the Court to deny the Motion for Contempt against the Firm’s client.

Jimenez v. Martinez, Case No. 2017-027712-FC-04 (County Court in and for Miami- Dade County, March 13, 2018)—Trembly Law Firm was retained to defend against a stalking injunction brought by a business partner against another business partner. After approximately Claimant presented her case-in-chief at the final evidentiary hearing, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Wolff obtained a directed verdict in favor of the Firm’s client.

Rojas v. Batista, Case No. 2016-006092-CA-01 (11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami- Dade County, April 19, 2018)—After a three-day jury trial before the Honorable Rodney Smith, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Wolff obtained a full defense verdict in favor of the Firm’s client.

Maxwell v. Gayle, Case No.: Case No. 2016-031141-CA-01 (11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, July 11, 2018)—After a two-day jury trial before the Honorable Thomas Rebull, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Wolff obtained a full plaintiff’s verdict in favor of the Firm’s client.

Varela v. South Florals DC, LLC, Case No. 2018-004612-CA-01 (11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, October 2, 2019)—after a two-day jury trial before the Honorable Michael Hanzman, Mr. Rodriguez and Mrs. Rabinowitz obtained a full defense verdict in favor of the Firm’s client.



At his core, Christian is driven by a genuine empathy and caring for people, and a desire to protect honest and hard-working business owners in his community from being exploited by unscrupulous people. Christian is an attorney member of Florida Bar Grievance Committee 11G, which investigates administrative claims filed by the public against attorneys for alleged violations of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar. Christian is also a member of the Doral Chapter of the Florida Lawyers Network, serves on the executive board of the Miami Kendall Bar Association, and is a member of the Coral Gables Chapter of Gentlemen’s Journal. Most recently, Christian joined the United Way of Miami’s Small Businesses United initiative where he has the opportunity to volunteer his time and efforts to helping the local community receive access to education and financial independence resources.

Practice Areas

  • Business & Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation (Defense)
  • Non-competition Litigation
  • Franchise Litigation
  • ADA Title III (Defense)
  • T.C.P.A. Litigation (Defense)
  • Civil Trial
  • Arbitration
  • Business Transactions
  • General Counsel


  • LL.M., University of Miami School of Law
  • J.D. with Cum Laude honors, Florida International University College of Law
  • B.A., Florida International University


  • State of Florida, 2010
  • Southern District of Florida, 2011
  • Middle District of Florida, 2016
  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, 2019
  • District of Columbia, 2019


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