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From a working mom and litigator – Keep working!

It’s me again, Veronica, Chair of the Litigation Department at Trembly Law Firm. Congratulations for making it through another week working remote! We’ve settled into a nice little routine with working remote, albeit we have skipped quite a few school zoom sessions (sorry Miss Dani) and I caught strep throat from my adorable little son. It hasn’t been easy, but we made it.
Having made it through this week here are some things to remember while practicing law during this pandemic.

Be kind.

Be kind to opposing counsel. Be kind to your clients. Understand that not everyone is in your shoes. They may not have the luxury of working from home. They may be afraid to lose their business. They may be struggling home alone working with kids. They may not be feeling well. They may be afraid of the virus (for very good reason). In fact it’s closer than you think. I know two people with confirmed cases and there is a confirmed case in my condo building.
So agree to that extension. Understand if there are delays in a response to an email. Understand if a call needs to be cancelled. And take the unscheduled call with a client. Just be nice.
I can’t tell you how refreshing it has been to actually feel a sense of community during this time. Like I said in my last post, I live in Brickell and at night the whole neighborhood has been cheering, flashing lights, and playing music from their balconies. The spirit of the people is beautiful. We are alone together. So be kind.


Be kind but still advocate for your clients. Just because the courts are closed in some jurisdictions (as they are here in Miami) does not mean that you can’t work on your clients’ cases.
NOW is the time to dive deep into your cases. Review all those documents. Draft that discovery. Serve those subpoenas. Draft that motion. Get creative. Do the research. Negotiate that settlement. Send your clients a detailed update. Assure your clients that while you’re working remote and the courts are closed you are still there for them and diligently working on their case. Avoid as much delay as possible but know that some delay is inevitable.


It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. THIS IS HARD. but remember to take care of yourself. Do something for you. Do yoga on your balcony or in your backyard. Take a bubble bath. Light a candle. Read that book you’ve been wanting to. Catch up on the latest shows – Tiger King is all the rage. And as my friend Liana would say, treat yourself to a quarantini.
If you are struggling or just need someone to motivate you or hear you vent please reach out to me. My email is


Please stay safe and stay home.

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