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Thanks for your interest in our CPA General Counsel service! When businesses are a part of our program, we become their legal department, which includes many services. This specific program and cost, however, is only available for CPAs. As part of our program, you receive call and email support at any time during normal business hours for all of the little things that come up during the course of working with clients. For any substantive legal work you might need (drafting or review of agreements, for example), you receive premium discounted rates. You also receive free admission to any of our educational and networking events.

By entering into this program, we establish a confidential, attorney-client relationship with you and your CPA firm, and we answer any questions relating to your practice. This program does not cover legal questions your clients might have relating to their business, however. But what your clients will receive is a VIP consultation with us for their legal needs. So, another benefit you can give to your clients is the confidence of referring them to law firm that will help keep them in business, and maintain a client for you. Our mission in this program is to improve communications and relationships between CPAs and business attorneys so that we can keep you – and your clients – out of the courtroom.

Benefits of Our CPA General Counsel:

CPA - General Counsel Services

Proactive Service:

Prevent legal threats to your business before they happen rather than waiting around to respond to issues as they arise, which allows you to focus on growing your business. Need an answer to a 5-minute question, but don’t know where to start and don’t want a huge bill? We’re here for you.

CPA - General Counsel Services

Committed Legal Team:

You’ll receive a Chief Legal Officer for phone and email support. Any additional services are offered at premium rates.

CPA - General Counsel Services

Reduced, Flat Rate Monthly Fee:

We’ve thrown out the hidden fees and surprise bills. Instead, our flat fee gives you a rapid legal resource (4-business-hour response time is our goal), and we don’t offer this CPA rate to anyone else.

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South Florida Business Attorney Brett Trembly addresses commonly asked business law questions in his Video of the Month series.  If you have any questions for us, or if you need immediate legal assistance, please contact us today.

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Stronger Contracts

Download our free resource today for practical tips that will make your contracts even stronger. Specifically, we cover five clauses that MUST be present in each contract – which could save you a significant amount of money and time in the event of a legal dispute.

This report provides general tips and insights regarding business contracts. If you are looking for specific legal assistance for your business and/or its contracts, please contact us today!

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