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What the UPL?! – What CPAs Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law


After many requests from you, we have decided to bring you:

What the UPL?! – What CPAs Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law

As a CPA, from time to time your clients request documents from you that dip into legal work (as attorneys, we face the same dilemma, having to disclaim the fact that we can’t give tax advice all the time). Because you help set up legal entities, how do you know when you’re unintentionally crossing the line? We’ve seen it all – CPAs being asked to provide operating agreements, serve as mediators, and acting as legal counselors. A clear understanding of the thin line between consulting and legal advice can leave you in the safe zone and into forming strategic alliances with an attorney who can help your clients.

At our seminar, we will cover the following topics, and several more:

  • What UPL boundaries are and how not to cross them
  • Florida case studies on unlicensed practice of law
  • How to avoid practicing law even when your clients ask you to

Courses on Business Law qualify for Technical Business CPE credit for Florida CPAs. Written proof of attendance will be supplied.


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