Ibelise Mederos

Litigation Secretary

Ibelise Mederos joined the Trembly Law team in 2021 as our Litigation Secretary. Ibelise graduated from Florida International University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and a Minor in Sociology. Before working at Trembly Law, Ibelise worked as a Vet Technician at a Veterinary Clinic, where she not only gained exceptional customer service experience, but worked closely with rehabilitating wildlife and animals. She enjoys international travel, and studied abroad in Thailand and Cambodia – Ibelise enjoys trying new things especially food, and you can find her searching for authentic and interesting worldly cuisine in her free time. Like Anthony Bourdaine said, ” without new ideas, success can become stale” – Ibelise believes you should not be afraid to try new things.
Outside of the office, Ibelise enjoys learning odd recipes, plant-keeping, and occasional video-gaming. Ibelise can be reached at Ibelise@tremblylaw.com.