Has Your Business Been Hit With a Sexual Harassment, Wage & Overtime, or Wrongful Termination Claim in South Florida? And You Need an Employment Defense Lawyer?


Employment Defense Attorney in South Florida Handling:

  • Sexual Harassment Claims Defense
  • Wage & Overtime Claims Defense
  • Wrongful Termination Claims Defense
  • DOL and EEOC Claims

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Why Choose Brett and Trembly Law:

  • First and foremost, we understand business owners I realize that you have big dreams, and spending your precious time and money on lawsuits is not one of them.
  • We align our interests with the client’s interests – We do this by offering comprehensive reporting, whereas other firms simply bill as much time as they can.
  • My firm is way ahead of the technology curve compared to other firms – This makes me not only more efficient (saving time and money on client cases) but we also work with many technology firms on their cases so we better understand their unique situation.
  • We encourage pre-suit mediation when most other Firms don’t (if any) Many lawsuits can be resolved when 3rd parties get involved to hash out the differences and what each wants. It’s usually best for both parties if things can be worked out without a trial.
  • My Firm is highly experienced, we’ve handled all types of business agreements, including ones probably just like yours – I’ve drafted many agreements for buying / acquisition of a business, selling a business, merging with another company, license agreements, asset purchases, and more.

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Employment Law

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

In today’s startup environment and workplace, truer words were never spoken. Just a little bit of work to prevent maladies and confusion can help to greatly reduce resultant legal trouble with labor laws.

The Trembly Law Firm assists its clients both inside and outside the courtroom. We address a wide variety of employment-related issues. These include defending clients in employment-related lawsuits, proceedings before administrative agencies (such as the DOL and EEOC), and evaluating companies’ policies and procedures. Such procedures involve employee/company handbooks, complaint investigations, and regulatory compliance.

Our attorneys go over all of these materials before they’re issued to employees and other individuals involved with your organization. Then we can help to further cut down on the risk of miscommunication. Poor communication can result in something more troublesome down the road.

It might seem somewhat unnecessary at the moment. We believe that just spending enough time and resources to conduct even the most basic legal review can prevent long-term hazards.

In fact, we’ve helped many organizations just like yours prepare for an otherwise uncertain future. The method is taking these steps and sorting everything out. That makes it so much easier to tackle difficult problems as they show up in the workplace. The same applies when these problems appear outside of work.


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We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward in your business and get the peace of mind to focus on the key issues of growth. 

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Patricia, Miami, Florida
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Thank you so much! … You’ve been the best and we will continue to use you for our business services.
Paul M., Miami, Florida
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I wanted to express my gratitude towards the entire staff. I have obviously been working closely with Kevin on our current case (Christian as well in the background), and he has been a pleasure to work with. I want to make sure that everyone that I have interacted with from your team (Alicia, Ryan, Daniela, Mayra, Jose, Rachel, Sarah – hope I am not forgetting anyone, apologies to anyone I have left off) also are given the proper praise for always treating me professionally and making me feel comfortable during an extremely frustrating time for both my family and I.
Danny, Miami, Florida
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I wanted to let you guys know that this Motion was amazing. It reads perfectly and it has a ton of supporting documentation in our favor. David really wiped the floor with them at the deposition. I’m really hoping this leads to something positive for us.
Margie, Miami, Florida
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Thank you all for being the most pleasant (and competent) legal team. You took away my worries and I received some money as icing…. all with the least amount of stress to me. As you go forward, I hope you know that your manners, patience and kindness are much appreciated!
Eric B., Miami, Florida
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Trembly Law Firm hires excellent quality attorneys and their results are the proof. Each case and matter they deal with is treated with special care and with utmost importance. If you’re looking for an attorney who will take your case or matter seriously, I would strongly recommend Trembly Law Firm. I worked there for a while assisting the firm with several issues related to business contracts and had the opportunity to meet many satisfied clients. Their staff is very professional and knowledgeable.
Andres M., Miami, Florida
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I hired Trembly Law firm when I had a problem with an employee. They have helped me in every step of the process, they are very thorough, offer practical advice, and they look out for my interest. They are still my lawyers and I recommend them for anyone looking for legal help for their business.
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