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Trembly Law Firm Secures a Complete Defense Verdict

Miami, Florida (November 15, 2019) — After two full days of arguments and testimony, the Trembly Law Litigation Team of Managing Partner, Christian E. Rodriguez, Esq., and Senior Litigation Attorney, Veronica M. Rabinowitz, Esq., secured a complete defense verdict for the Firm’s client.

A former employee sued the Firm’s client under the Florida Civil Rights Act claiming that she was fired as a result of her pregnancy and suffered gender discrimination. Trembly Law Firm immediately went to work vigorously defending the case and left no stone unturned.

At trial, Mr. Rodriguez and Mrs. Rabinowitz were able to demonstrate to the jury that the firing of the employee was motivated by her insufficient performance and misrepresentations regarding her skills and qualifications during the interview process.

“The Plaintiff wanted the jury to disregard her burden of proof and simply assume that there is never a legitimate reason for firing a pregnant employee. We successfully conveyed to the jury that they were obligated to not decide the cases on appearance and emotions, and they had to look at the facts in the context of the law. We all acknowledge that there are legitimate discrimination cases out there, but this just wasn’t one of them”, said Mrs. Rabinowitz.

During Closing Argument, the Trembly Law business and commercial litigation team argued to the jury that even if a juror were to view an employment decision as unfair or decide it was not the same decision that he or she would have made, it didn’t mean that the decision was fueled by discriminatory intent. One of the highest rated Miami law firms online for employers and employment law, the Trembly business law team will vigorously defend legitimate business decisions by employers.

After spending approximately 40 minutes in deliberations, the jury returned a verdict finding that the corporate defendant’s actions in terminating the employment was not motivated by any discriminatory reasons.

Trembly Law has an amazing team of lawyers! Their hard work, attention to detail and diligent planning shows in their results,” remarked the defense party. “Thank you Trembly Law!”


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